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Global food supplies ‘under threat’ after Ukraine war slashes grain production

Ukrainians in the Luhansk region are also facing shortages, their governor says (Picture: AFP/Getty) Global food security is under threat as a result of the Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has warned. It says the Ukrainian grain harvest for this year will be slashed by a fifth compared to last... go to Article >

'State of high risk': Climate change set to exacerbate looming global food crisis, McKinsey warns

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Consulting giant warns war in Ukraine, lingering Covid-driven supply issues, and heat waves and droughts cold leave world short of 60 million tonnes of grain by end of 2023 Heatwaves and droughts caused by climate change... read more

Ukraine Grain Deal: Why One Image Is Sparking 'Relief' All Over The World

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A ship carrying Ukrainian exports left the country for the first time since the war began on Monday.The sight, which was a common occurrence before Russia invaded back in February, has sparked hope there could be an end in sight for the food... read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: what we know on day 160 of the invasion

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UN chief warns that nuclear annihilation just ‘one miscalculation’ away; Zelenskiy says grain shipment is ‘first positive signal’ of chance to stop world food crisisRussia-Ukraine war: see all our coverageThe United Nations chief has warned that... read more

Russia Strikes Ukrainian Port Of Odessa — Just Days After Signing Grain Deal

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Russia was accused of "weaponising" food with its attack on Odessa.Russia has struck the Ukrainian port of Odessa just a day after the two countries signed a landmark deal to allow grain exports out of the war-torn country.Two Russian cruise... read more

Russia-Ukraine war latest: what we know on day 159 of the invasion

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Russia moving troops to Ukraine’s south ahead of Ukrainian counteroffensive, military officials say; Russia says five injured in Black Sea drone attackRussia-Ukraine war: see all our coverageRussia is moving large numbers of troops to Ukraine’s... read more

Inflation Reduction Act: 10 ways it will turbocharge US climate action (and one way it won't)

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The landmark legislation's climate provisions could unlock billions of dollars of low carbon investment and millions of green jobs - but it also paves the way for new fossil fuel infrastructure After decades of gridlock,... read more

Russia Is Being Blamed For The Global Food Crisis. Here's Why

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Russia's UN ambassador stormed out of a meeting after accusations from Charles MichelRussia refused to admit it has contributed to the global food crisis through its invasion of Ukraine during a tense UN meeting on Monday – but much of the... read more

UK joins US, EU, and Brazil in global sustainable food production coalition

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Decision to join Sustainable Productivity Growth Coalition comes in wake of UK government's much-criticised new National Food Strategy The UK has signed up to a global coalition geared towards promoting sustainable food... read more

IEA chief Fatih Birol on energy efficiency, national security, and the 'risky business' of fossil fuel exploration

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Executive director of influential think tank sits down with BusinessGreen to discuss why energy efficiency and net zero are 'the Romeo and Juliet' of the clean energy transition Mobilising governments around the world to... read more

Ukraine war piles pressure on global food system already in crisis

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Analysis: invasion sending grain prices soaring, compounding effects of climate crisis on food production Russia-Ukraine war – latest news Households are facing the prospect of even higher food prices owing to the war in Ukraine, threatening... read more