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Good deals in pandemic-hit companies are proving hard to find. Here's how big investors that raised billions to pounce on corporate distress are changing up their playbooks.

Summary List Placement Investment firms that raised billions to help finance companies reeling from the coronavirus pandemic may have to wait until 2021 or beyond to deploy that capital.  Wall Street experts that deal with distressed companies have changed their outlook from earlier on in the pandemic. Instead of a quick rush of... go to Article >

The 33 most innovative HR leaders who steered employees through a global crisis — and the plans they're using to create more flexible, equitable...

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Summary List PlacementTalent leaders have had their hands full. A global pandemic upended traditional models of work as employers across industries sent staff home from the office. Leaders in human resources were tasked with figuring out how... read more

America's best work-from-home expert is bracing for turmoil

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Summary List PlacementIn 2017, Nicholas Bloom, an economics professor at Stanford University, was preparing to speak at a local TEDx event. His talk was about the then rare practice of working from home, which most people at the time... read more

55 influential business and leadership books that can instantly boost your management skills

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  Summary List Placement Reading is a common denominator among successful people in business. New information and perspectives help us grow smarter, more innovative, and more resilient over time. Below, you'll find 55 of the most influential... read more

Deliveroo is having a rough start to its IPO. Here's how the food-delivery firm grew from being a hungry banker's idea to a publicly listed company.

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Summary List PlacementAnyone could have come up with the concept. An app that brings you food whenever and wherever you want? It's the kind of thing any irate worker eating a squashed sandwich at their desk could dream up. Will Shu, the... read more

INTERVIEW: BioNTech founders Özlem Türeci and Ugur Sahin on developing the BioNTech-Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, the future of fighting cancer, and...

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Summary List PlacementMathias Döpfner: On January 25, 2020, you were both sitting having breakfast, talking about this strange virus from China. You reportedly decided to take it seriously and develop a vaccine. On the same day, the first... read more

One millionaire landlord was behind half of Milwaukee's evictions during Covid lockdowns last June. Here's the story of how corporate landlords...

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Summary List PlacementDuring one week in June, as nationwide coronavirus deaths climbed steadily above 100,000, companies tied to Youssef "Joe" Berrada filed 225 evictions in Milwaukee. That made him responsible for over half of the city's... read more

Burnout, blown deadlines, and a tech talent exodus: How Goldman Sachs' Marcus is struggling to live up to its lofty consumer banking ambitions

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Summary List PlacementGoldman Sachs launched its consumer-banking arm five years ago with a marketing blitz and much fanfare, sending a strong signal to Wall Street that it wanted to disrupt retail banking — and reshape its own future. Since... read more

Celebrating 20 years of the BMW Mini

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In 1959, BMC launched what became the most iconic of all British cars: the Mini. In 2001, BMW did it all over again. We look back on the past two decades of the brand It takes just a short hour on a group call with employees at Mini Oxford for... read more

Goldman Sachs' Marcus unit is struggling with burnout, blown deadlines, and a tech-talent exodus

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Summary List PlacementHello everyone! Welcome to this weekly roundup of stories from Insider's Business co-Editor in Chief Matt Turner. Subscribe here to get this newsletter in your inbox every Sunday. What we're going over today: Goldman Sachs'... read more

3 supply chain leaders on the toilet paper fiasco, predicting demand, and sustainable e-commerce packaging

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Summary List PlacementThe COVID-19 pandemic proved not only how interconnected our world is, but also just how dependent we are on supply chains functioning smoothly and predictably. From toilet paper shortages in early 2020 to vaccine... read more