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Have the Oscars Become the Olympics of Cinema?

In April 2019, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences board of governors decided to change the name of the foreign-language-film category, saying it was “outdated within the global film community.” So they renamed it “international film.” It’s better, but still not precise: All films are international, whether they’re in English... go to Article >

Global Briefing: Paris Olympics targets zero food waste and more plant based meals

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African green hydrogen plans, new coal-to-clean energy deals, and worsening climate impacts Paris Olympics plans to halve carbon footprint of meals served at the Games Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet this week unveiled... read more

Margot Robbie To Presumably Rob Someone In Ocean's Eleven Prequel

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Margot Robbie Collecting roles in beloved franchises like infinity stones, Margot Robbie is set to star in and produce an upcoming Ocean’s Eleven prequel. On the heels of major buzz surrounding her roles in Barbie and a Pirates Of The Caribbean... read more

Emerging Filmmakers Discuss Crossover Between Documentary and Fiction at Cannes Docs

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As the boundaries in cinema become increasingly fluid, emerging filmmakers whose films have been selected at the Cannes Film Festival have been discussing their journey from documentary to fiction at the Cannes Market’s Cannes Docs sidebar.... read more

Clare Balding’s year in TV: ‘My wife and I tried to eat at the table during the pandemic, but we’re back on the sofa’

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The broadcaster on loving Ted Lasso, watching The Chase on +1, and presenting the BBC’s Tokyo Olympics coverage from SalfordClare Balding, 51, joined the BBC as a trainee in 1994, and has since led the coverage of sporting events including the... read more

The top 10 most streamed TV shows of the week feature a lot of true crime

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Want to know what TV shows people watched this week? Then you've come to the right place.With so much TV out there, it can be useful to see what's resonating with others before you pick something for yourself. Perhaps looking at this week's... read more

The Avatar 2 Trailer Is Here To Take Your Breath Away

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It’s been more than 12 years since James Cameron’s Avatar burst onto cinema screens and smashed box office records, and now film fans have been given their first look at the long-awaited sequel. A 90-second trailer for Avatar: The Way Of Water... read more

Vampyr review – Dreyer’s hallucinatory undead classic comes back from the grave

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Rereleased for its 90th anniversary, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s film established some of the staples of the genre with a female, rather than male, vampireCarl Theodor Dreyer’s macabre gothic romance from 1932 is now rereleased for its 90th anniversary.... read more

'Obi-Wan Kenobi' has a lot of explaining to do

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Fans of the first two Star Wars trilogies already know the basic story of Obi-Wan Kenobi — the character, that is, not the Disney+ series of the same name that premieres on May 27. While Lucasfilm has Obi-Wan Kenobi under its usual blanket of... read more

‘Name names? Never, never, never!’ Lee Grant on her decades of defiance

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The Oscar-winning actor lost 12 years of her career refusing to out her partner as a communist, then had to endure his lectures about Marx while being treated as a ‘maid’. But a remarkable third act as a documentarian showcased her unique voiceLee... read more

Cannes Film Festival 2022 Red Carpet: All The Photos You Need To See From Day 1

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Eva Longoria in CannesAfter a two-year absence due to the pandemic, the Cannes Film Festival is finally happening in actual Cannes this year, and the stars have already begun turning heads on the red carpet.The film event is famous for a few... read more