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'He's In Trouble': Have Rishi Sunak's Tax Controversies Ended His Leadership Hopes?

Sunak believes that attacks on his wife's tax affairs are "unpleasant smears".At his peak, Rishi Sunak was the most popular politician in the country.It was a reputation forged after the “crisis chancellor” rose to the challenge of the Covid pandemic — splashing billions on furlough and business support and later the “eat out to help... go to Article >

5 Urgent Matters The Tory Leadership Contenders Need To Focus On, But Aren't

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Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are the final two contenders to be the next prime ministerEither Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss will be in No.10 as the UK’s prime minister in less than a month.But, they are both avoiding some crucial matters which need the... read more

Can green Tories push the next PM to offer more support for insulation and heat pumps?

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Conservative Environment Network calls for expansion of schemes for energy efficiency and heat pumps, alongside longer-term clarity to encourage green investment A group of green Tories have set out a £9bn winter bills... read more

Tories Losing People's Trust To Labour When It Comes To Cost Of Living Crisis, Poll Finds

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Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer meets people at Park Life Heavitree community group cafe, to talk about Cost-Of-Living Crisis, on August 15, 2022 in Exeter.The Labour Party is pulling ahead of the Tories as the party most trusted to reduce... read more

Rishi Sunak Promises VAT Cut To Help Soaring Energy Bills In Big Campaign Shift

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Rishi Sunak taking part in the BBC leadership debate earlier this week.Rishi Sunak has dropped his opposition to immediate tax cuts if he becomes prime minister by pledging to scrap VAT on all domestic energy bills for the next year.The... read more

Analysis: Rishi Sunak's Tax U-Turn Shows He Knows He Is Already Running Out Of Time

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Rishi Sunak at the launch of his leadership campaign.If you’re in any doubt about whether Rishi Sunak’s pledge to cut VAT from energy bills amounts to a U-turn, just consider what he said himself last  weekend.“We can cut more taxes, but only if... read more

Rishi Sunak Accuses Tories Who Still Back Boris Johnson Of Wearing 'Rose Tinted Glasses'

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Rishi Sunak has hit out at those still backing Boris JohnsonRishi Sunak hit out at the Conservatives who are still supporting Boris Johnson, accusing them of wearing “rose tinted glasses” on Monday.The former chancellor and now Tory leadership... read more

Rishi Sunak Hints At Cost Of Living Hand-Outs In Dividing Line With Liz Truss

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Rishi Sunak at an event in Ribble Valley, as part of the campaign to be leader of the Conservative Party and the next prime minister.Rishi Sunak has said he will help families to get through an “extremely tough” winter with cost-of-living support,... read more

Rishi Sunak Mocked By Liz Truss Supporters Over Tax Cut U-Turn

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Rishi Sunak delivers a speech at Vaculug tyre specialists at Gonerby Hill Foot, Grantham.Rishi Sunak has been accused of a massive U-turn by Liz Truss supporters after he pledged to remove VAT from energy bills if he becomes prime minister.The... read more

Rishi Sunak Says Liz Truss's Plans To Cut Taxes Immediately Are 'Immoral'

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Rishi Sunak delivers a speech at Vaculug tyre specialists at Gonerby Hill Foot, Grantham.Liz Truss’s plans to cut taxes immediately if she becomes prime minister are “immoral”, Rishi Sunak has said.In a major ramping up of his attacks on his Tory... read more

6 Of The Most Bizarre Moments From Rishi Sunak And Liz Truss' Debate

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Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss in the BBC debate on MondayRishi Sunak and Liz Truss went head-to-head in their first debate as the final two candidates to be the next Tory leader on Monday.Despite the two pulling out of a previous debate in a bid to... read more