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How A "Human Error" Took Down Servers Of Europe's Cloud Computing Group

A "human error" took down the servers of one of Europe's biggest cloud computing groups on Wednesday, causing thousands of websites to crash for more than hour, the company said. go to Article >

Why Are WhatsApp, Instagram And Facebook Down?

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WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have now been down for five hours – with the outage completely preventing users from accessing the services and causing huge embarrassment for one of the world’s biggest technology companies. The disruption,... read more

How 9/11 Changed Hollywood – And Is ‘Still Grappling’ With the Terror Attacks 20 Years Later

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Twenty years after the Twin Towers at Manhattan’s World Trade Center fell on September 11, 2001, Hollywood is still grappling with the repercussions — along with the rest of America. Stories and storytelling were changed both in the short and... read more

Facebook is holding the world hostage. Here are the ways we might stop it.

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Given Facebook went down for most of Monday, our national reserves of baseless conspiracy theories may be running dangerously low. So let's add this one to the mix: Facebook took itself offline at a moment of great political peril, with... read more

Facebook report claims decline in hate speech. Experts want more info.

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A report says hate speech is declining on Facebook. The problem? The report is from Facebook. And activists say it’s missing valuable context, data, and transparency. "This report fails to answer simple questions we have been asking for years:... read more

How Amazon's data is helping F1's new 2022 rules

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Amazon’s ‘virtual super-computer’ is trying to future-proof Formula 1’s new aerodynamic regulations We have spent so long talking about data cores, design iterations and aerodynamic cells that I just can’t help myself. “Would it not just have... read more