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How five green incentives could kick-start your company's route to net zero

Financial support is available to UK businesses of all sizes that want to cut their emissions - it is often just a case of submitting an application The government has faced a lot of criticism from nearly all quarters in recent months over its continuing failure to deliver more ambitious decarbonisation... go to Article >

Keeping 1.5C alive: What to expect from a critical autumn for the net zero mission?

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Former climate diplomat Pete Betts, WWF's Tanya Steele, CBI's Tania Kumar, and the CCC's Chris Stark offered their views on a crucial period for global climate action at last week's launch of the Net Zero Festival... read more

In the hot seat: Solar Energy UK's Chris Hewett on how solar can help deliver net zero buildings and businesses

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The CEO of Solar Energy UK sits down with BusinessGreen to discuss the critical role the solar sector must play in the next chapter of the UK's net zero transition The 2010s have been dubbed the 'solar coaster' by solar... read more

In defence of net zero

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Concerns about the efficacy of net zero targets are justified, but could condemnation of the concept from Greta Thunberg and others inadvertently serve to undermine efforts to decarbonise? "The enemy of a good plan is the... read more

Hydrogen Strategy: Six key indicators about the government's net zero vision

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The UK's first ever Hydrogen Strategy finally arrived this week - what does it reveal about the government's net zero agenda? Hydrogen has been described as the "monkey wrench" of the net zero transition, owing to its... read more

So you want to be a blogger: How to start a blog, buy a domain name, and gain a following in 10 steps

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So you want to start a blog and carve out a little corner of the internet to call your own — that’s a pretty brilliant and popular impulse. We as humans are literally creating a whole cyber-dimension, skinned right on top of our own; having your... read more

'Fiendishly complicated': Inside Nationwide Building Society's push for a green home retrofit wave

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Sustainability lead Claire Tracey chats to BusinessGreen about the 1.5 million properties on Nationwide's mortgage books, all which need decarbonising if it is to meet its 2050 net zero goal With more than 1.5 million... read more

'The start of a decade of delivery': Calls grow for increased scope, frequency and capacity of UK clean energy auctions

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Trade group RenewableUK and energy giant SSE urge government to accelerate clean energy deployment as BEIS publishes response to consultation on how to deliver a net zero electricity system Renewable energy companies have... read more

East Coast Cluster: Inside the plans to decarbonise England's industrial heartlands

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In an event hosted by BusinessGreen, the energy and industry giants behind the largest industrial decarbonisation project in the UK sketched out their vision for how emissions produced by high carbon plants on England’s East Coast could... read more

IPCC report: Seven key lessons for businesses

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From stranded asset risks to scenario planning, today's landmark report from the world's top climate scientists has implications for business leaders everywhere One of the most common mistakes people make when looking at... read more

'Every fraction of warming matters': World careering towards irreversible climate impacts, top scientists warn

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Landmark IPCC report provides wave of stark warnings, but stresses that rapidly putting the global economy on course to net zero emissions by 2050 could hugely reduce the escalating impacts that will result from a warmer world... read more