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How green hydrogen could completely reshape the global energy map

Driven by net zero, hydrogen could make up 12 per cent of global energy use by 2050, according to IRENA The geopolitical ramifications of the green energy transition have long been contemplated by foreign policy wonks. But as clean energy technologies have continued their inexorable march worldwide and public... go to Article >

Global Briefing: Paris Olympics targets zero food waste and more plant based meals

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African green hydrogen plans, new coal-to-clean energy deals, and worsening climate impacts Paris Olympics plans to halve carbon footprint of meals served at the Games Paris 2024 President Tony Estanguet this week unveiled... read more

'Superfuel of the future': Government hands out £60m to cutting-edge hydrogen projects

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Hydrogen produced from offshore wind, nuclear, and ammonia among initiatives to be explored across 28 projects that have today secured fresh funding The government has today announced that cutting-edge projects to harness... read more

Green steel hits the roads: Inside Volvo Trucks' pivot to fossil-fuel-free vehicle parts

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BusinessGreen spoke to Volvo Trucks' Jessica Sandström about how the company's pioneering green steel plans are being put into practice As the electric vehicle (EV) transition gathers momentum, rethinking the way vehicles... read more

IEA: The G7 can and must lead on decarbonising heavy industry

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International Energy Agency argues UK, USA and EU and others have the 'economic heft, technology leadership and international alliances' to pioneer the development of low carbon industrial hubs G7 nations such as the UK,... read more

'Optimising net zero': Could green hydrogen unlock the next phase of UK decarbonisation?

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New report from RenewableUK argues that fledgling green hydrogen industry could play critical role in accelerating net zero transition and boosting energy security Hydrogen, and particularly green hydrogen produced using... read more

'Boom and bust': Are coal and oil on the brink of permanent decline?

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Two reports out this week have highlighted how developments across 2021 are set to catalyse policy and technological trends that could catalyse the retreat of fossil fuels across the global energy system At times the fossil... read more

'A new future for Saltend': Can hydrogen and carbon capture create a 'green' chemicals hub on the Humber?

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The 100-year old Saltend Chemicals Park is gearing up to become a test ground for hydrogen and carbon capture industrial decarbonisation technologies - BusinessGreen visits the UK's ground zero for net zero The tangle of... read more

Global Briefing: Forest loss remains at 'stubbornly high' levels

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Latest forest loss data points to minimal progress, Denmark announces goal to phase out gas boilers, and all the green business news from around the world World continues to lose 10 football pitches of tropical rainforest a... read more

'We will not bend to the will of activists': As BP profits soar, government doubles down on oil and gas expansion plans

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The government is urging the oil and gas industry to ramp up investment in the 'clean energy technologies of the future', but can increased production really become compatible with net zero goals? The UK government is... read more

Queen's Speech: Government promises to 'build on the success of the COP26 Summit'

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But Greenpeace accuses the Prime Minister of "throwing in the towel on some of the biggest challenges our country faces" The government has today placed a wide-ranging new Energy Bill at the heart of a legislative agenda... read more