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How New Variants May Impact Your Chances Of Covid Reinfection

In 2021, it seemed as though coronavirus reinfections were rare. Yes, they happened, but the vast majority of people who had already had Covid likely wouldn’t contract the virus again anytime soon. But recent data suggest reinfections are becoming more common, especially as new variants take hold. The uptick in reinfections is likely... go to Article >

Latest Covid Study Brings Good (And Bad) News About Brain Health Post-Virus

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It’s been more than two years since Covid-19 blighted the nation’s health and it seems the virus still isn’t done wreaking its havoc on our lives.A new study looking at people’s brain health two years after being infected with the virus has... read more

Here's How Quickly You Can Get Reinfected With Covid After Being Sick

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A few months ago, we believed recovering from Covid-19 meant the chances of getting the virus again so soon were low. Scientists thought we were protected for at least six months after the initial infection.But now, as the hyper-transmissible BA.5... read more

Covid Latest: Does The BA.5 Variant Increase The Risk Of Hospitalisations?

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A single study from Portugal has set off alarm bells about how the current dominant Covid variant may increase the risk of hospitalisation.The study compares BA.2, an Omicron sub-variant – also known as the “stealth” variant – with BA.5, the... read more

How the net zero sceptics' medieval arguments are being overwhelmed by a very modern reality

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Critics of the net zero transition are trying to blame it for the UK's economic woes, but their arguments are looking increasingly detached from the modern world The arguments against the net zero transition continue to be... read more

This Is The Most Common Covid Symptom In The UK Right Now

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The number of reported Covid cases in the UK may be decreasing, but with the Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 still running “rampant”, according to experts, there’s been a change in the most commonly reported symptom of the virus.According to the... read more

Can Covid Give You Diarrhoea? This Is What The Experts Think

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While most people are now aware of the most common Covid symptoms – from a sore throat to a headache and fever – diarrhoea has not been mentioned that much.And, according to the Zoe Health Study which logs data from millions of app users, it... read more

Greenhouse gas removal technologies: Who should foot the bill?

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Engineered carbon removal technologies such as CCUS, DAC, and BECCS are increasingly seen as crucial to the net zero transition, but spreading the costs fairly remains a challenge When it comes to the question of scaling up... read more

This Covid Graph Shows Your Chances Of Reinfection In Nine Months

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Here's how long your immunity after a Covid infection lastsYou can catch Covid multiple times – but according to a helpful graph shared on Instagram, reinfection usually only occurs after a certain number of months.Author Emily Oster, economics... read more

5 Types Of Omicron Are Now Here. This Is What We Know About Them

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Covid still rages on, don't forget.No matter how ‘normal’ things might feel sometimes, Covid – and the pandemic – still rages on.And actually, the strains of coronavirus are evolving like never before. We even have five different types of Omicron... read more

What Is The Risk Of A Covid Spike Over The Jubilee Bank Holiday?

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Celebrations for the Queen's Jubilee during the extended bank holiday weekend are expected to cause an uptick in Covid casesCovid cases have now fallen to the lowest rates we’ve seen for almost a year – but could these numbers be about to change... read more