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Huge Christmas shortages as UK told order NOW with £2million of toys stuck at port

With one million Elf on the Shelfs stuck in China, iPhones stranded by shipping and festive online food shop slots going fast, toy chain The Entertainer said tonight up to £2million of its stock was sitting in containers go to Article >

How Shortages Might Impact Your Christmas Shopping List

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Last Christmas, we were met with Covid restrictions announced just five days before December 25. This year, Boris Johnson hasn’t ruled out more disruption, but has said he doesn’t expect it to be anything like 2020.  Which should mean we can... read more

7 Ways To Make Your Christmas Shopping Less Of A Nightmare

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Unless you work in logistics, you’ve probably heard the term “supply chain” more times in the past few weeks than in your entire life. The global supply chain is struggling to keep up with demand and capacity amid a series of disruptions, from... read more

Whitehall must act on skills shortages – or see businesses driven into the ground

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Adding lorry drivers to the skilled worker list might help fill supermarket shelves – if, of course, such drivers want to come and work for UK pay rates If ever there was a time to drop laissez-faire economics in favour of some Whitehall... read more

Olivia Colman, Helen Mirren and Stephen Fry team up to tackle wellbeing of next generation

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Olivia Colman, Dame Helen Mirren, Stephen Fry and various other celebrities have joined forces with EQlicious to narrate a collection of new animated stories for families with children aged three to six read more

Brave teen attacked after saving friend from shark’s jaws returns to school next day

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Jack Shaw, 15, battled the shark at Ocean Grove beach in Victoria, Australia after he and pal Tiarna, also 15, decide to go for a swim in the evening - he believes it was either a reef shark or bronze whaler that attacked read more

ADVERTORIAL: 'We’ll surprise anyone we know who’s going to be lonely at Christmas' - meet the action group changing lives in its community

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Pallion Action Group is making a difference to the lives of people in Sunderland - thanks to The Health Lottery's players read more

Kids ask 'where's real Santa' at 'shambles' event as Mr Claus wears beard round neck

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Families who attended a festive meet-and-greet in Northallerton, North Yorkshire, say their kids were left asking, "where's the real Santa?", after a volunteer Saint Nick took their Christmas wish lists with his beard around his neck read more

Road rage killer who stabbed dad as son, 4, sat on booster seat jailed for 23 years

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Alexander Layton stabbed James Stokoe six times with a kitchen knife as the victim's son sat in a booster seat in the back of the car read more

‘I spent a fortune on boy's clothes - only to give birth to a baby girl’

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TikTok user Charlie Smith was ready to welcome a baby boy into the world after five scans told her she’d be having a son, but was shocked when she gave birth to a girl read more

Aviva issues warning to Brits after surge in house fires from charging up electronics

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Aviva said plugging in items like vapes, e-scooters and other electronics can mean they overheat and catch fire, causing expensive damage worth at least £100,000 read more

Every Premier League manager's thoughts on festive schedule after Ralf Rangnick comments

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Premier League managers are split on whether or not to get rid of the traditional Christmas fixture list, with new Manchester United boss Rangnick the latest to be introduced to it read more