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“I Would Stump a Mudhole in His a**” – Stone Cold Steve Austin on a Potential Match With The Rock in WWE

Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson are two megastars of the WWE Attitude Era. Both men were class competitors and characters that had won over the fans with their unique style and charisma. In fact, Austin and Rock’s rivalries are something fans will cherish for centuries to come! Stone Cold Steve Austin… The post... go to Article >

9 Rappers Who Could Be WWE Superstars

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Recently, rapper/actor Shad Moss, AKA Bow Wow, sent out a tweet about his ambitions to become a WWE superstar after his final album. Bow Wow, 33, sent Twitter into a frenzy with tweets to WWE legend, Rey Mysterio, about forming a tag-team. The... read more

9 Memorable Celebrity Moments in Pro Wrestling

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Last night, Latin superstar Bad Bunny won WWE's 24/7 Title. The world-renowned reggaeton artist won the title with help from WWE's latest main roster call-up from NXT, Damien Priest, on Monday Night Raw. Unfortunately, Bad Bunny has a target on... read more

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin on How Much He Actually Imbibes During a Beer Smash

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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has stomped a mudhole in countless pro wrestlers. Tonight, the WWF/WWE legend plays in the mud with country star Luke Combs on the “Straight Up Steve Austin” Season 2 debut. Combs can’t believe he got to go off-roading... read more

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin on the Passing of Former WWE Wrestler Luke Harper: ‘An Absolute Tragedy’

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The death of Jon Huber, who wrestled in WWE as Luke Harper and more recently in AEW as Brodie Lee, shook the sports-entertainment world in late December 2020. It wasn’t so much his in-ring ability (which was highly respected and decorated) or... read more

“I Was Trying to Knock His A** Out”- “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Recalls a Real Fight With Booker T

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Shortly after the acquisition of WCW, Vince McMahon decided to have the infamous Invasion angle, where WCW Superstars would raid WWE in fashion. The stars of this show were the faces of the two companies- “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Booker T.... read more

“It Was a Match Made in Heaven”- WWE Legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Opens Up on His Feud With Vince McMahon

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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was one of WWE’s most popular in-ring performers of all time. His charisma combined with a rebellious gimmick made him a fan-favorite in no-time and his legendary feud with The Rock cemented his name in the history... read more

The 10 Greatest Stables in Professional Wrestling History

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The camaraderie in professional wrestling is unlike that in any other sport. Men and women from different walks of life share a bond that only the people in their chosen profession will understand. Unlike other professional sports, there isn't an... read more

The Undertaker Recalls “The Craziest Thing” About Hell in a Cell Match With Mankind

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WWE had announced that the latest Broken Skulls Session would feature The Undertaker. Right after Survivor Series and the Deadman’s retirement, the podcast aired. With Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mark Calaway looked back at some of the most... read more