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IEA chief Fatih Birol on energy efficiency, national security, and the 'risky business' of fossil fuel exploration

Executive director of influential think tank sits down with BusinessGreen to discuss why energy efficiency and net zero are 'the Romeo and Juliet' of the clean energy transition Mobilising governments around the world to use energy sparingly is at the core of the International Energy Agency's (IEA) mission. The... go to Article >

'British power to the British people': Keir Starmer unveils plans for publicly-owned clean energy company

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Great British Energy would cut energy bills and deliver energy independence for the UK, Labour Leader tells party conference Labour Leader Keir Starmer has pledged that a Labour government would set up a publicly owned... read more

IEA World Energy Jobs Outlook: Five key green takeaways

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The IEA has released its first ever evaluation of global energy employment both today and in the future - BusinessGreen takes a deep dive Today the International Energy Agency (IEA) has produced what it is said to be the... read more

'Get Britain building': Chancellor lifts block on onshore wind projects in new 'growth plan'

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Kwasi Kwarteng's 'mini-Budget' sets out aim to streamline planning for roads, nuclear, renewables, hydrogen, CCUS, and oil and gas, and confirms modest boost for energy efficiency funding Kwasi Kwarteng has promised to... read more

Liz Truss named UK Prime Minister: The green economy reacts

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Green business figures, politicians, think tanks, experts and more react to news that Britain has a new PM Liz Truss has been named as UK's new Prime Minister today, having comfortably defeated her rival Rishi Sunak in this... read more

The Chancellor's Growth Plan: Green elements at a glance

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All-you-need-to-know on the green policies, tax changes and regulatory plans outlined as part of the government's new Growth Plan Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng today embarked on a huge economic gamble: slash taxes and roll... read more

'Incredibly expensive': Is the government's energy price freeze plan fit for purpose?

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Period of national mourning has overshadowed government’s sweeping new energy support package, but experts remain convinced more targeted long-term plan is needed Even as she stood up in the Commons last Thursday to... read more

How deeper global clean tech collaboration is needed to avoid net zero delay

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Joint IEA, IRENA, and UN assessment of COP26 Breakthrough Agenda sets out priorities for collaborative climate action between businesses and governments The global net zero transition risks being "delayed by decades" unless... read more

'Roadblock to a sustainable future': How global fossil fuel subsidies almost doubled to $697bn in 2021

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IEA and OECD reiterate calls for governments to shift investment away from fossil fuels and towards low carbon energy as 'only lasting solution to global energy crisis' The world's leading economies sharply increased... read more

'Grotesque greed': UN Secretary-General urges governments to tax fossil fuel firms' 'excessive' profits

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UN chief argues oil and gas firms' profiteering off the energy crisis is 'punishing the poorest and most vulernable people, while destroying our home' The UN Secretary-General yesterday urged governments to tax the... read more

The clean tech consensus: Why the world's top economic think tanks want bolder action on renewables and efficiency

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OECD latest influential body to call on governments to marry cost of living measures with net zero strategies, as new BP data points to bright future for renewables With the global economy now facing the grim reality of... read more