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If world leaders are hungry for climate action, why was food not on the menu at COP26?

There is an urgent need to rethink both the food we eat and how we produce it, argues Graze CEO Joanna Allen Earlier this year, the National Food Strategy was published to help address the imbalance in our broken food systems. The independent report was commissioned by the UK government which would indicate... go to Article >

World leading: UK CEOs more likely than global counterparts to embrace net zero goals

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But annual PwC survey also reveals around two thirds of UK business leaders are yet to set credible net zero targets UK CEOs are ahead of their global counterparts in their engagement with the net zero transition, but a... read more

The power skills driving UK business towards net zero

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Industry Voice: Green skills must be embedded in organisational culture until a ‘sustainable way of working' is the default, writes Project Management Institute's Ashwini Bakshi When the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequor... read more

Timber, carbon offsets and ESG: Why investors are piling into the UK forestry market

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Land and property values for forestry and afforestation have skyrocketed over the past couple of years - could this unlock much needed investment in nature restoration? The UK forestry market is positively booming.... read more

'We will be the biggest green energy company in the world': Bankrolled by UAE, Masdar embarks on its 100GW journey

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Abu Dhabi's state-owned renewable energy giant Masdar is undergoing a restructure of its ownership, while ramping up its overall clean energy goal to 100GW by 2030 Masdar, Abu Dhabi's state-owned clean energy company,... read more

An energy revolution is possible - but only if leaders get imaginative about how to fund it

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Michael Grubb explores how government can better harness the remarkable innovation that is already underway across the energy sector to deliver on its climate goals Limiting climate change will require an unprecedented... read more

An energy revolution is possible - but only if leaders get imaginative about how to fund it

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Limiting climate change will require an unprecedented global movement to make low-carbon technologies the norm. COP26 - the UN climate conference held last November in Glasgow - showed that unfortunately, the world is... read more

How green hydrogen could completely reshape the global energy map

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Driven by net zero, hydrogen could make up 12 per cent of global energy use by 2050, according to IRENA The geopolitical ramifications of the green energy transition have long been contemplated by foreign policy wonks.... read more

Politics is a huge stressor for some young people. That's a big problem.

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It's no secret that politics can make people miserable. At its worst, national politics in the U.S. amounts to watching highly-paid elected officials fight over slivers of power while they get little done for the people they represent. Toss in... read more

Global Briefing: Rio Tinto loses lithium mining license in Serbia

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Plus EU beats renewables target, Shell faces CCS concerns, New Zealand's first electric ferry and all the top green business news from around the world this week Rio Tinto lithium mining license revoked in Serbia The... read more

Why ClientEarth is taking the government to court over its Net Zero Strategy - and why it matters

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BusinessGreen looks at the possible outcomes and potential implications of the latest legal challenges to the government's decarbonisation strategy Law suits lodged by ClientEarth and Friends of the Earth yesterday over... read more