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In the Alps climate change affects biodiversity

The European Alps is certainly one of the most scrutinized mountain range in the world, as it forms a true open-air laboratory showing how climate change affects biodiversity. go to Article >

'Net zero doesn't solve the problem': Five key lessons from the CCC's climate risk assessment

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There are many urgent takeaways from the Climate Change Committee's stark UK climate preparedness assessment - here are the top five Every five years the Climate Change Committee (CCC) conducts a root-and-branch review of... read more

CCC: Failure to adapt to 'inevitable' climate change could derail net zero transition

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Government's failure to prioritise climate resilience risks undermining UK's ability to meet net zero and biodiversity goals, CCC warns The UK's ongoing failure to enhance its resilience to the increasingly disruptive... read more

Protecting biodiversity: The corporate response

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Biodiversity loss driven by climate change, habitat degradation and the introduction of invasive species is now recognised by firms as a widespread systemic risk, writes S&P Global Ratings' Michael Wilkins With... read more

The long view: Studying kelp forests and coral reefs to understand and predict the effects of climate change

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What will the Earth be like for our children and grandchildren, as temperatures continue to rise? We can be fairly certain of some things: Some regions will become inhospitable, as heat drives their inhabitants away or causes massive declines and... read more

'It's not going to be easy': TNFD co-chair David Craig on developing nature risk disclosure rules

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TNFD co-chair and Refinitiv CEO David Craig chats to BusinessGreen about the daunting task of drawing up nature-related risk disclosure guidelines If it wasn't already complicated enough trying to locate, measure,... read more

UK Infrastructure Bank launches with plan to drive investment in net zero transition

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New government-backed bank tasked with tackling climate change and levelling up regional inequalities has formally opened at its Leeds HQ The UK Infrastructure Bank has opened for business and is ready to start delivering... read more

Boris Johnson took a one-hour flight to the G7 summit to talk about the climate crisis

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When U.K. prime minister Boris Johnson took a one-hour flight to Cornwall for the G7 summit, he was criticized for being the latest example of a world leader sending the wrong signals through... read more

Carbon pricing, risk disclosure, and net zero: Can the UK build a truly green financial system?

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Mandatory finance sector net zero goals, strengthened ETS, and nature-based risk disclosure requirements among Aldersgate Group's demands The government must use its global green leadership position in 2021 to firmly... read more

Are Brexit energy negotiations slowing the UK's net zero drive?

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Report sets out the myriad ways ongoing discussions over Brexit climate and energy policy are affecting the UK's chances of meeting climate goals Brexit, it turns out, did not "get done". As British and European officials... read more

Why is my hay fever so bad?

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IN 2021, people could be facing a double whammy as the peak pollen season collides with hot, humid weather and the easing of lockdown. But why is lockdown, the weather and climate change all making hay fever season worse? How long will the season... read more