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Independence and interdependence | Nicola Sturgeon & John Kerry

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon defends her record on education, health and drug deaths. go to Article >

Boris Johnson's Scotland trip proves essential to nobody | John Crace

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The prime minister’s visit is defined by pointless photos and lamentable statements Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t have been more clear. If the lockdown rules prevented all but essential travel – she had banned herself from visiting a vaccination... read more

Starmer under 'huge pressure' if Hartlepool turns Tory

1 Day ago Politics Source:

Hartlepool has been Labour for nearly six decades. read more

Australian-style immigration route to UK for young Indians under new deal

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The UK and India have agreed to make it easier to return illegal immigrants to each other's countries - while a new immigration route between the two countries will be opened up for under-30s. read more

Scottish election: Outright SNP victory 'nothing short of a nightmare' for Boris Johnson

4 Days ago Politics Source:

This week Scotland goes to the polls in an election that could have profound consequences for the whole of the United Kingdom. read more

Local elections: How to measure success and failure for each party

6 Days ago Politics Source:

Council and mayoral elections across England on 6 May are a challenge for both main party leaders. read more

Independence is front and centre once again as Scotland goes to the polls - but not for all voters

5 Days ago Politics Source:

There's a generation in Scotland that's only known its government run by the SNP.  read more

Labour under Starmer appear to be going backwards - and there are several reasons why

6 Days ago Politics Source:

It feels like another political era. read more

Boris Johnson's flaws are all priced in - but his red-faced rage showed a flash of his true feelings

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Who paid for the refurbishment of the Downing Street flat? read more

The biggest by-election in more than a decade set to be a referendum on Starmer's 'new leadership'

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To find a by-election as significant as the one in Hartlepool in just over a week, rewind to July 2008 and the vote to determine who would represent the constituency of Glasgow East. read more

'It stinks': PM faces inquiry demand into Downing Street flat refurb funding

12 Days ago Politics Source:

An investigation is being demanded into how Boris Johnson funded the refurbishment of his Downing Street flat following incendiary claims by his former chief adviser Dominic Cummings. read more

'Unpredictable': High stakes in local elections turned upside down by COVID

13 Days ago Politics Source:

While local elections may not seem like the most exciting political moment, they are an important way of knowing how well national parties are doing with voters.  read more