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Inside money managers' scramble to get a grip on socially conscious investing as the Biden era dawns

Summary List PlacementPresident Joe Biden's administration has already ushered in wins for climate activists, from rejoining the Paris climate agreement to banning oil companies' leases on federal land. One set of environmental policies that gatekeepers across the financial-services industry will be tracking closely is how the new... go to Article >

55 influential business and leadership books that can instantly boost your management skills

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  Summary List Placement Reading is a common denominator among successful people in business. New information and perspectives help us grow smarter, more innovative, and more resilient over time. Below, you'll find 55 of the most influential... read more

Women-led IPOs — ESG approach under Biden — Shopify goes social

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Summary List PlacementGood morning and welcome to Insider Finance. I'm Dan DeFrancesco, and here's what's on the agenda today: Industry insiders explain how they're racing to build and define socially responsible investing before the Biden... read more

Top 20 rainmakers — Blackstone's Bumble boost— Wall Street's talent war

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Summary List PlacementHi readers! Welcome to the long weekend and to Insider Finance. Here's a rundown of the must-know stories from the past week:  Meet the top 20 bankers involved in 2020's biggest M&A deals. Wall Street's talent war for... read more

The new money game: How hordes of traders flooded the market and pushed brokerages to rethink how they handle rookie investors

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Summary List PlacementAt the start of the pandemic, Maya wasn't paying too much attention to investing. But some of her friends — bartenders and DJs whose work dwindled during a period of social distancing — were. With extra time on their... read more

How the boom in socially conscious investing is influencing the way massive corporations react to events like the Capitol riots

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Summary List PlacementAs violent Trump supporters raged at the Capitol in what became a deadly insurrection last Wednesday afternoon, JPMorgan's public relations team shared a statement from the bank's chief executive, Jamie Dimon, with... read more

Tony Hsieh once ran a radical organizational experiment that prompted 14% of employees to quit. Here's an inside look at how the late Zappos CEO...

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Summary List PlacementOn March 24, Zappos' 1,500 or so employees got a memo from CEO Tony Hsieh. "This is a long email," it began. "Please take 30 minutes to read through the email in its entirety." It concerned the retailer's transition to... read more