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Intuitive eating is what anti-diet culture actually looks like

Every January, many of us set the goal to start the year off right by eating better, the good intention leading us to one diet or another. Then, inevitably, we fall off said diet and right back into the same old (if not far worse) habits. But a program called intuitive eating is gaining popularity by offering a radically different... go to Article >

10 Common Habits That Are Making You More Forgetful

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Experts break down the habits that can negatively impact your memory and offer solutions on how to sharpen your mind.Memory is a fickle thing. For example, you may remember something significant that happened a decade ago, but not what you had for... read more

Relationship icks, red flags, and the blurry line that separates them

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The summer of 2021 in Brooklyn was hot, and sticky, and thick, and thrilling. Widespread access to COVID-19 vaccines were sweeping the nation. The anticipation — returning to bars, hosting parties, seeing old friends, going on dates — floated in a... read more

An honest self-help guide: Stuff that works for me

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Read a lot of self-help books, as many of us did during the pandemic, and patterns start to emerge. (We're not just talking about the titles getting more sweary.) In 2020, I boiled the advice of hundreds of books down to 11 rules that recur... read more

It's Time To Write The Obituary For Shapewear

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A middle school in Mississippi drew criticism recently for offering teenage girls shapewear in order to help them “maintain a positive body image.” School counselors sent a memo home to parents offering the option for female students to receive... read more

Remote learning got you down? Here are the best educational sites for kids.

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We are living in a new age of widespread remote, online learning. Even before COVID-19 forced the shutdown of schools all over the world, investment in EDtech (education technology) had reached $18.66 billion in 2019 and the market of online... read more

Best headphones for kids: Comfort, safety, and durability win every time

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You might think that the main benefit to buying headphones for your children is so that you don't have to hear what they're listening to, but there's actually a more important reason. Your child's ears are super sensitive while they're developing... read more

Air fryer cheeseburgers are way more delicious than they should be

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Summertime is here, the Fourth of July is coming up, and that can only mean one thing: We are at peak cookout season. And when it's peak cookout season, there's one thing I want on my plate: a delicious, juicy burger. SEE ALSO:... read more

Prime members can score a refurbished Kindle for $40

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SAVE $50: Amazon has a certified refurbished 10th-generation Kindle on sale for only $39.99 as of July 1. (Note that the deal is only open to Prime members.) That's 56% off the new version's $89.99 MSRP.Woot will probably have the top refurbished... read more

Save 36% on a SodaStream One Touch — and save [redacted] on canned seltzer in the process

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SAVE $46: Sparkling water lovers can make their own at home with the SodaStream One Touch sparkling water maker. It's on sale for just $83.99 at Walmart as of July 1 — that's 36% in savings.With a SodaStream, all your fizzy drink dreams can come... read more

Throw all the summer BBQs with this Weber grill on sale ahead of Prime Day

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SAVE $90: As of July 1, the Weber Spirit II grill is $90 off as an early Prime Day deal. Get one for just $549 while the discount lasts.It's summer, and you know what that means: Horribly oppressive heat waves and astronomical electricity bills... read more

FCC approves Starlink use in moving vehicles

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SpaceX's satellite internet service Starlink can now be used in a vehicle in motion after it received FCC approval Thursday, which is great news for thousands of people who want ongoing connectivity on the road.The Portability feature, unveiled in... read more