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Iranian-Russian ‘Oil Smuggling’ Network Hit With U.S. Sanctions

Washington has imposed sanctions on an oil smuggling network led by figures connected to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and allegedly backed by the Russian government. “Today, the U.S. is sanctioning an international oil-smuggling and money laundering network used to generate revenue for Iran. Anyone purchasing oil from Iran faces the... go to Article >

Devastating Earthquake Strikes Afghanistan As Taliban Calls For International Help

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An elder in Khost, Afghanistan, reacts to the devastation after an earthquake shook the country on June 22, 2022. The district chief, Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi, said the quake had destroyed about 500 houses in the area.Hundreds were killed in an... read more

U.S. Seizes Russian Tanker Full Of Iranian Crude Near Greece

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Fresh off of the US targeting a series of companies involved in an Iran-linked oil smuggling network, the US has now seized an oil tanker near Greece, taking the Iranian oil within to be sent to the US. The oil was on a Russian-operated ship,... read more

Markets Brace For The Long Term Consequences Of Russia's Invasion

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U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures are edging higher on Friday after failing to confirm Thursday’s potentially bearish daily closing price reversal top. The weekly uptrend is strengthening while the daily uptrend is showing signs of... read more

Saudis Unwilling To Upset Putin As Biden Begs For More Crude

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The world’s largest crude oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, continues to keep close ties with Russia while the top oil consumer, the United States, pleads with major producers—including the Kingdom—to boost supply to the market and help ease consumers’... read more

Mining Industry Warns Energy Transition Isn’t Sustainable

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The energy transition has been set by politicians as the only way forward for human civilization. Not every country on the planet is on board with it, but those that are have the loudest voices. And even amid the fossil fuel crunch that is... read more

Total Global Recoverable Oil Reserves Are Falling At An Alarming Rate

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Following publication of BP’s annual Statistical Review, each year Rystad Energy releases our own analysis of the global energy landscape to provide an independent, data-based comparison and evaluation. Continuing the trend from previous years,... read more

NATO Pledges To Step Up Support For Georgia And Bosnia

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NATO has pledged to increase its support for Georgia in the wake of Russia’s war against Ukraine. But while the alliance is expanding to include two new members, Georgia is making little apparent progress toward its own membership aspirations. At... read more

Who Is Still Buying Russian Oil And Gas?

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Despite looming sanctions and import bans, Russia exported $97.7 billion worth of fossil fuels in the first 100 days since its invasion of Ukraine, at an average of $977 million per day. So, which fossil fuels are being exported by Russia, and who... read more

Smart Airlines Are Saving Billions Thanks To Oil Price Hedging

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Commodity price hedging is a popular trading strategy frequently used by oil and gas producers as well as heavy consumers of energy commodities such as airlines to protect themselves against market fluctuations. During times of falling crude... read more

Nickel Prices Surge As UK Sanctions Major Russian Miner

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The UK government has added Vladimir Potanin, Norilsk Nickel’s president and chairman of the management board, to its list of sanctioned individuals. The LME nickel price remains in question. A June 29 update notification from HM Treasury’s Office... read more

New ESG Rules Are Hurting American Farmers

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As small farming and ranching operations struggle to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic and supply-chain disruptions, the federal government is preparing to throw another hurdle their way.  In March, the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC),... read more