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IRENA: 'Radical' short-term action required to pull climate goals back from brink

Investment in renewables and other clean technologies must reach $5.7tr a year by 2030, Abu Dhabi based body warns The world's leading renewables authority has this morning raised the alarm that governments continued investment in fossil fuel infrastructure is pushing climate goals dangerously out of reach. The... go to Article >

How deeper global clean tech collaboration is needed to avoid net zero delay

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Joint IEA, IRENA, and UN assessment of COP26 Breakthrough Agenda sets out priorities for collaborative climate action between businesses and governments The global net zero transition risks being "delayed by decades" unless... read more

Not enough time: PwC warns G20 countries are not decarbonising fast enough to meet 1.5C goals

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PwC's Net Zero Economy Index finds decarbonisation rates among G20 countries are falling 'alarmingly short' of global climate targets G20 countries are not decarbonising nearly quickly enough to meet the 1.5C goal of the... read more

'We need a robust plan': Business leaders urge PM to accelerate net zero transition to tackle energy crisis

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Letter to Liz Truss urges government to prioritise energy efficiency, renewables, and industrial decarbonisation as part of 'robust' energy security and net zero strategy More than 100 of the UK's top businesses have urged... read more

Liz Truss named UK Prime Minister: The green economy reacts

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Green business figures, politicians, think tanks, experts and more react to news that Britain has a new PM Liz Truss has been named as UK's new Prime Minister today, having comfortably defeated her rival Rishi Sunak in this... read more

Inflation Reduction Act: 10 ways it will turbocharge US climate action (and one way it won't)

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The landmark legislation's climate provisions could unlock billions of dollars of low carbon investment and millions of green jobs - but it also paves the way for new fossil fuel infrastructure After decades of gridlock,... read more

Global Briefing: COP27 host Egypt updates national climate plan

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France plans to nationalise EDF, China's green bond market soars, and all the big green business stories from around the world this week Egypt strengthens renewables goals ahead of COP27 The Egyptian government has this... read more

Global Briefing: Biden hails 'historic' US Senate deal promising $369bn climate action boost

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Plus Germany energy efficiency funding, global coal demand rises, and the rest of the top green business news from around the world this week Biden: Senate deal ‘most significant' climate legislation in US history Hopes of... read more

The clean tech consensus: Why the world's top economic think tanks want bolder action on renewables and efficiency

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OECD latest influential body to call on governments to marry cost of living measures with net zero strategies, as new BP data points to bright future for renewables With the global economy now facing the grim reality of... read more

'Institutional greenwashing': MEPs back 'green' investment labels for fossil gas and nuclear projects

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Green groups threaten legal action after EU Parliament votes to retain fossil gas and nuclear projects in green finance labelling system The European Parliament has today backed the classification of fossil gas and nuclear... read more

How can the UK encourage greener, cheaper energy behaviours this winter?

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Consumer behaviour change must carry almost a third of the weight of delivering net zero - and there are plenty of policy options at the next PM's disposal, argues think tank Onward Whoever takes on the mantle of leading... read more