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Is the Climate Culture War being overstated: Government survey reveals public support for lifestyle changes to achieve net zero

Survey of almost 7,000 UK adults reveals widespread backing for 2050 net zero goal – and sizeable support for many of the lifestyle choices that may be required to deliver it If the government harbours concerns over whether it can rely on strong public support for the ambitious Net Zero Strategy it has... go to Article >

'Allow women to play a leading role in shaping the future': Why the UK's green recovery must level up gender inequalities

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Report from PwC warns business and government must embed gender equality into their green growth plans, noting that current levels of understanding about green jobs remains limited among women The vast majority of women... read more

We won't get far without giving the public a voice in how the UK reaches net zero

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WWF's Jo Furtado explores how to drive up public engagement in the Net Zero Strategy in order to ensure ambitious action to combat the climate crisis Transitioning to a net zero emissions economy isn't just a challenge... read more

Public buy-in will be critical to delivering on decisions at COP26

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Public engagement on climate needs ramping up in the coming months to ensure the UK public are not left behind by the net zero transition, writes National Grid's COP26 director Duncan Burt Less than 100 days remain until... read more

Transport Decarbonisation Plan: A guide to the government's routemap for net zero transport

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The government has provided its more comprehensive plan yet for fully decarbonising transport by 2050 - here is an all you need to know guide for green businesses Sometimes you wait all year for a net zero policy... read more

Planes, cars, diets and homes: How can the government enlist the public in its net zero mission?

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As public debates about the type and scale of lifestyle change required to deliver a more sustainable economy rage, the Tony Blair Institute provides government with a list of priorities The debate around net zero... read more

Sorting the trolls from the polls: What does Britain really think about net zero?

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Polls consistently show significant public concern over the climate crisis and a strong desire for action, but are the right questions being asked? If climate change is - among many, many other struggles - a battle for... read more

How to develop a net zero working culture

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Thousands of companies now have net zero companies in place, but how can they ensure their employees, customers, and stakeholders are on board with the transition? Several leading firms offer their insights on how to build a net zero... read more

Meet the new climate sceptics, same as the old climate sceptics

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The gathering campaign against the 'cost of net zero' is defined by straw men arguments, culture war tactics, and a fantastical refusal to engage with climate realities - but it still poses a serious threat to the UK's economic future... read more

'Fiendishly complicated': Inside Nationwide Building Society's push for a green home retrofit wave

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Sustainability lead Claire Tracey chats to BusinessGreen about the 1.5 million properties on Nationwide's mortgage books, all which need decarbonising if it is to meet its 2050 net zero goal With more than 1.5 million... read more

National Food Strategy calls for major cut in UK meat consumption to fix public and planetary health

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Government-commissioned report argues UK's food system must be transformed to protect the climate, nature, and the NHS The second instalment of the government-commissioned National Food Strategy has warned the UK must... read more