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'It is now or never': IPCC concludes the world has the tools and funding to halve emissions by 2030

Governments approve landmark report that warns window for action is fast closing to avoid catastrophic climate change, but affordable technologies exist across every sector to slash emissions this decade The world already has the technologies, expertise, and financial capabilities across every sector of the... go to Article >

How the net zero sceptics' medieval arguments are being overwhelmed by a very modern reality

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Critics of the net zero transition are trying to blame it for the UK's economic woes, but their arguments are looking increasingly detached from the modern world The arguments against the net zero transition continue to be... read more

The Jet Zero Strategy represents genuine global leadership and is a moment to celebrate

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The UK's new aviation decarbonisation roadmap will generate jobs and boost the economy whilst also protecting the planet, writes Sustainable Aviation's Matt Gorman I was at the Farnborough Airshow on Tuesday for the launch... read more

Collaboration, risk sharing, and common standards: What are the key accelerators of industrial decarbonisation?

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A new report from WEF and Accenture sets out recommendations for how financiers, businesses, and government can work together to decarbonise some of the world's most hard-to-abate sectors Decarbonising heavy industry is... read more

Inflation Reduction Act: 10 ways it will turbocharge US climate action (and one way it won't)

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The landmark legislation's climate provisions could unlock billions of dollars of low carbon investment and millions of green jobs - but it also paves the way for new fossil fuel infrastructure After decades of gridlock,... read more

The UK's Critical Minerals Strategy: Is a secure, sustainable cleantech supply chain within reach?

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BusinessGreen gets the low-down from green experts on the government’s vision for building up a sustainable supply of critical cleantech minerals and metals The UK now has a Critical Minerals Strategy, a document which sets... read more

Greenhouse gas removal technologies: Who should foot the bill?

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Engineered carbon removal technologies such as CCUS, DAC, and BECCS are increasingly seen as crucial to the net zero transition, but spreading the costs fairly remains a challenge When it comes to the question of scaling up... read more

Jet Zero: Does the government's green aviation plan clear the runway for zero carbon flight?

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BusinessGreen rounds up the top takeaways from the government's long-awaited Jet Zero Strategy to decarbonise domestic flight by 2040 Could passengers be enjoying climate-friendly flights within the UK by 2040? The... read more

Global Briefing: Biden hails 'historic' US Senate deal promising $369bn climate action boost

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Plus Germany energy efficiency funding, global coal demand rises, and the rest of the top green business news from around the world this week Biden: Senate deal ‘most significant' climate legislation in US history Hopes of... read more

Global Briefing: Grenada's Simon Stiell reportedly tipped for UN climate chief role

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Europe opens largest solar plant, Poland advances SMR plans, and Canada seeks more sustainable potatoes in this week's Global Briefing Reports: Grenada diplomat Simon Stiell set to land UNFCCC role Climate Home News has... read more

'Demand has never been higher': How the energy crisis is proving an 'accelerant' for renewable energy

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Latest data from BloombergNEF reveals 11 per cent increase in global renewable energy financing, as investment reaches record levels - is a tipping point being reached? The global economic outlook may be worryingly bleak,... read more