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James Ruppert: To stick or twist on a three car garage

Our used car expert weighs in on one reader's conundrum: scratch the itch for something new, or keep what's already on the driveway? Well, this is something of a dilemma, and it is incredible – flattering, even – that reader Simon thought I could possibly solve it. For a start, Simon has a fairly arresting three-car garage: an Audi... go to Article >

James Ruppert: Diesel MPVs are top of the stock

14 Days ago Motors Source:

You can now pick up a practical Renault Espace for £2000 Well, this is interesting: the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has told us that used car sales have stalled a bit at the beginning bit of 2021, by -8.9%. That’s hardly... read more

James Ruppert: Why you should be pumped for cheap diesels

28 Days ago Motors Source:

One seller was asking £6500 for a 2013 Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Small diesel cars can be astonishingly good value – to buy and run Diesel isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is hard to argue with the benefits when it comes to economy and a long... read more

James Ruppert: These used compact cars are truly small comforts

21 Days ago Motors Source:

A Jazz is among the cosiest second-hand bargains you can buy, though it won't get you to your destination very quickly A recurring question over the years isn’t about top speeds, cubic capacity or stopping distances but to do with seats – not... read more

Up and Atom: The Ariel innovators behind Britain's Best Driver's Car

10 Days ago Motors Source:

Atom remained top of the tree in this year's BBDC Ariel's devastatingly effective driver’s cars continue to punch above their weight. We visit the factory following success at the 2021 Autocar Awards With back-to-back victories at Autocar’s... read more

James Ruppert: Go east for ULEZ-compliant petrols

42 Days ago Motors Source:

Nissan Elgrand can make you feel grand for less than £10,000 and won't run afoul of ULEZ I was on a radio station recently, sticking up for people who want to buy anything they pleased as a vehicle to use in a town or city. Apparently, SUVs... read more

James Ruppert: Time to peel back the top and escape lockdown

35 Days ago Motors Source:

Volkswagen Eos: this folding hard-top Golf is yours for £1495 As sun and freedom beckons, a reader seeks an affordable four-seat convertible Apparently, it is that time of year again – the time when readers’ minds turn to cars with a... read more

James Ruppert: Twenty is plenty when shopping second hand

77 Days ago Motors Source:

£20,000 goes an awful long way in the classified car pages. Our man picks some highlights Just in case you wondered, that groovy car for surfers in the shape of an old Peugeot 505 Estate that featured on this very page last month went for a... read more

James Ruppert: used Jaguar coupes are spectacular value

63 Days ago Motors Source:

XK8s and XKRs are only becoming more attractive with age My mind was on Jaguar saloons a few weeks ago, which went down quite well with you. So now it’s time for me to consider the grace and pace of the marque’s rather focused two-door... read more

James Ruppert: Bargain barnstormers that will take you anywhere

84 Days ago Motors Source:

New hatchback money will also get you an early Series 2 The fraternity of used car owners is a very strong one, especially when an enthusiast motor is thrown into the mix. So it was a wonderful surprise to find a Lightweight Land Rover on my... read more

James Ruppert: The best selling bangers in April

56 Days ago Motors Source:

Which second-hand cars are flying off the shelves this month? The Nissan Juke is currently the UK’s most popular used buy I will happily source car sales and reliability statistics from wherever I can find them. Proper stats, that is, not... read more