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John Ivison: Lack of foresight to blame for epic public policy failure over COVID

Ontario’s Education Minister Stephen Lecce wrote to parents on Sunday suggesting that in-person learning would resume in the province after the April school break.... go to Article >

John Ivison: Canadian governments' disorganized response to COVID should surprise no one

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The incoherence of the federal and provincial responses to COVID justifies the public inquiry being called... read more

John Ivison: Ongoing paid sick leave issue should have been resolved a year ago

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As the pandemic gripped Canada last year, the Yukon government introduced a simple sick leave policy for... read more

Can Rishi Sunak Act Quickly Enough To Save The Planet?

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When Boris Johnson addressed Joe Biden’s climate change summit on Earth Day this week, he was on characteristically playful form. Pointing out that the UK had slashed carbon emissions while increasing growth in recent years, he turned to his... read more

Here's what an effective rapid testing campaign would look like — if our health officials made it happen

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As tensions rise in Canada over vaccine supply problems, experts advising the federal government say we’re... read more

Coal mines, domestic flights, and COP26: Can the UK get its messaging straight on net zero?

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As COP26 host, the UK has an enviable track record on decarbonisation and world-leading carbon, wind, and EV goals – so why then are other policy interventions continuing to push in the opposite direction? One could be... read more

‘Dramatic’ Link Between Covid Deaths And Obesity, New Study Shows

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The World Health Organisation has urged politicians to act urgently on obesity after a new study found a “dramatic” correlation between Covid death rates and excess weight. The research by former Public Health England and WHO adviser Dr Tim... read more

John Ivison: Are the COVID-19 rules working? Governments need to up their game

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Better days are on the horizon if people “keep following the rules,” Justin Trudeau told Canadians on Tuesday. In his most... read more

John Ivison: In absence of national leadership, premiers left to improvise COVID-19 battle

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“On vaccines, on treatments, on testing, our top priority is making sure you and your family get through this... read more

John Ivison: Prepare for dose of reality — vaccines don't guarantee a quick return to normal

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When Justin Trudeau outlined new travel restrictions earlier this week, he urged Canadians to make one last... read more

John Ivison: Liberals not inoculated from vaccine criticism as questions over rollout mount

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Canadians have in large measure approved of the response by their federal and provincial governments to... read more