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Levelling up: Report details how net zero investment could drive growth outside London and South East

Resolution Foundation and LSE report argues that investment in net zero transition could help reduce regional inequality The UK has the opportunity to become a green tech superpower thanks to its advantages in renewable energy and green finance, with the benefits helping to bolster the government's 'levelling... go to Article >

London Climate Action Week: Can the capital turbocharge the UK's net zero transition?

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At the kick off event for London Climate Action Week, BusinessGreen spoke to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and event founder Nick Mabey about how regions and cities can drive climate action despite a turbulent political backdrop... read more

'We need to drastically reduce the price of carbon removal': Are voluntary carbon markets ready for a new type of credits?

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Report from BeZero predicts that carbon removal credits could become the dominant player in global carbon markets by the end of this decade It is a well-documented fact that the price of engineered carbon removal projects... read more

'Economically and environmentally illiterate': The green economy reacts to the Energy Security Strategy

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BusinessGreen rounds up the leading reaction to the government's plan for shoring up British energy independence in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine After weeks of speculation, the government is set to publish its... read more

'Boom and bust': Are coal and oil on the brink of permanent decline?

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Two reports out this week have highlighted how developments across 2021 are set to catalyse policy and technological trends that could catalyse the retreat of fossil fuels across the global energy system At times the fossil... read more

'No progress': MPs slam government failure to curb CO2 from construction and demolition of buildings

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Mandatory whole life carbon assessments, dedicated carbon targets for built environment, and policies to incentivise retrofit over new-build constructions among policies recommended by MPs A dearth of policy designed to... read more

Are the UK and Japan missing the 'narrow window' to seize the EV opportunity?

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Two separate reports warn that if governments and auto manufacturers fail to respond quickly to surging EV demand they risk losing out to more agile competitors Could two of the historic heartlands of the global automotive... read more

Queen's Speech: What is - and isn't - on the government's green agenda for the year ahead?

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The war in Ukraine, cost of living crisis, and imminent local elections all underscore the need to accelerate the net zero transition - but fresh Treasury support for decarbonisation efforts appears unlikely It's coming up... read more

'The Carbon Bankroll': Are businesses ignoring how their cash is contributing to climate change?

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New study reveals that for some of the world's largest businesses their biggest source of carbon emissions is to be found in their cash reserves What is the largest source of carbon emissions for most businesses? Anyone who... read more

'Unprecedented': How sustainable debt made it to $1tr prime time

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Global sustainable debt issuances approached $1.1tr last year, with some parts of the market growing 10-fold, according to the Climate Bonds Initiative Over the past 18 months, the global sustainable debt market has emerged... read more

Queen's Speech: At a glance guide to the government's green legislation plans

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Planned legislation covering energy, transport, and a clamp down on environmental protests was unveiled in today's Queen Speech With the government facing a crescendo of interlocking crises - the war in Ukraine, soaring... read more