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LibLink: Christine Jardine on MPs’ safety

Christine Jardine MP has written in the Scotsman about MPs’ safety in the light of the murder of Sir David Amess: It is a risk which we must minimise, but continue to take for the sake of our democracy. (Last Friday) was one of those days that you hope never to see, or that anyone […] go to Article >

LibLInk: Christine Jardine on the perfect storm that shows up our bad Governments

69 Days ago Politics Source:

In her Scotsman column this week, Christine Jardine looks at the “perfect storm” of food and fuel shortages, health service crisis, Covid and high energy prices we are facing at the moment. She argues that the show how bad both UK and Scottish... read more

LibLink: Christine Jardine: Days before COP26, Tories and SNP let us down on climate change

34 Days ago Politics Source:

In her Scotsman column this week, Christine Jardine looks forward to COP26, but highlights how both Scotland’s governments have mucked up on climate change: First there was the mic drop moment when the SNP at Holyrood teamed up with the Tories at... read more

How MPs Voted As Tories Mobilise To Protect Owen Paterson

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MPs voted 250 to 232 to approve an amendment to consider reforming the House of Commons standards system – and prevent the immediate suspension of Conservative former minister Owen Paterson. In an unprecedented move, MPs voted not to back the... read more

LibLink: Christine Jardine: Hydrogen has huge potential for decarbonisation

126 Days ago Politics Source:

In her Scotsman column this week, Christine Jardine looks at Hydrogen as a weapon in our arsenal against climate change. She looks at many potential uses – from fuelling planes to heating homes and highlights the work of the European Marine Energy... read more

Tax to invest, or cut taxes to neglect?

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The weekend media have been full again of Rishi Sunak’s promise to return to tax cuts before the next election: cutting income tax and VAT further to win over – as Conservatives hope – wavering voters. But is it possible that the majority of... read more

North Shropshire: We’re using actual staples on our leaflets so this is serious

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I’m just resting up before another blitz of Focii-ing in North Shropshire early this morning. The constituency is similar to Brecon and Radnorshire in that you can drive for what seems like hours and still see orange posters, denoting that you are... read more

Guardian – vote Liberal Democrat in North Shropshire

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It would be fair to say that the relationship between Liberal Democrats and the Guardian has been somewhat lukewarm for some time. The likes of Polly “that Liberal Democrat idea is very good, vote Labour” Toynbee have given us a thorough kicking... read more

North Shropshire Conservative Councillor defects to Reclaim

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Well, well, well, what is happening to the Tories in North Shropshire? It is reported this morning that Anthony Allen, a Town Councillor in Market Drayton, has defected to Reclaim, who have claimed him as their first elected councillor. Exc: 10... read more

Welcome to my day: 6 December 2021 – “Fire The Cannons!”

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Good morning, gentle reader! It’s a murky start in the Gipping Valley this morning, but your day editor is alert and eager for a new week. So, where to start? As Iain Roberts, once of this parish, noted on Twitter; This week's government slogan is... read more

WATCH: Wendy Chamberlain’s first speech as Scottish Deputy Leader

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Wendy Chamberlain has been elected as Scottish Lib Dems Deputy Leader. read more

Ed Davey says Lib Dems challenging Tories hard in North Shropshire

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With just 12 days to go before the by-election, called after Owen Paterson resigned amid allegations that he had used his parliamentary position to lobby for companies that paid him, Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey spoke to BBC Midlands Today... read more