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Liz Truss Accused Of Supporting 'Devastating' Public Spending Cuts

Liz Truss has been accused of showing “her true colours” after a 2009 paper promoting vast government spending cuts was unearthed.The Tory leadership frontrunner called for patients to be charged to see their GP and for doctors’ pay to be slashed by 10%.She floated the ideas in a controversial report she co-authored when she was deputy... go to Article >

Liz Truss confirms she wants to make spending cuts across government departments

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Liz Truss has confirmed she is looking for funding cuts across the public services, declaring that there are “plenty of areas” where taxpayers’ money could be saved. read more

Liz Truss Doubles Down And Insists The Government Has 'The Right Plan' For The Economy

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Liz Truss has insisted the government had to take “urgent action to get the economy growing” as she doubled down on the controversial mini-budget.Last Friday’s fiscal event - which unveiled plans for massive unfunded tax cuts - has led to the... read more

Liz Truss set to push real pay cut on millions of teachers and nurses

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Liz Truss has now quietly shelved a fresh Spending Review and will stick to old figures drawn up by Rishi Sunaklast year - meaning public sector workers will have real-term pay cuts before 2024 read more

The Observer view on Liz Truss’s disastrous ‘fiscal event’ | Observer editorial

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This was a brazen gamble that can only damage Britain’s futureThe first major fiscal intervention by a new prime minister has surely never been greeted with such widespread disdain. Less than three weeks into Liz Truss’s premiership, her new... read more

Liz Truss demands spending cuts in ‘plenty of areas’ of public services

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Government warned against ‘act of national vandalism’ after call for ‘efficiencies’ read more

Government Suggests Benefits Won't Rise In Line With Inflation After All

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Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng delivering his mini-budget in the House of Commons.The government has signalled it could U-turn on former chancellor Rishi Sunak’s pledge to increase benefits in line with inflation.Treasury minister Chris Philp told... read more

Labour draws green dividing lines with promise of net zero emission power by 2030

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As green groups slam the government's 'attack on nature', the opposition is this week seeking to make bolder climate action central to its offer to the country The political consensus on the UK's climate strategy has never... read more

The Guardian view on the financial crisis: a meltdown made in Downing Street | Editorial

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Liz Truss’s first big policy has been shot down by financial markets – and her economic credibility shredded Politicians and journalists scatter the word “crisis” like salt over hot chips, but every now and then the term really applies. The Bank... read more

Austerity Returns As Whitehall Departments Told To Find Savings To Help Rescue Markets

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Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng leaves 11 Downing Street to make his way to deliver his mini-budget.Austerity is to be revived to tackle the economic crisis critics says was caused by a splurge on tax cuts in the government’s mini-budget.HuffPost UK... read more

Government to invest £1.5bn in UK home efficiency upgrades from this winter

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Around 130,000 low-income households could see bills slashed as homes receive energy efficiency upgrades through the government's Help to Heat funding programme The government has confirmed it is to spend up to £1.5bn to... read more