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Long Covid Is Impacting 2 Million Brits. Are You One Of Them?

Two million people in the UK are suffering from long Covid, according to the ONS.As many as two million people in the UK may be suffering from long Covid, according to new Office for National Statistics data.Of those two million, 1.4 million people say they have had symptoms for at least 12 weeks, whilst 826,000 have been suffering for... go to Article >

'Complete Devastation': This Is The Real-Time Impact Of Nursery Closures

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For many parents, there’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than trusting a complete stranger to care for your child when you return to work.It’s a huge leap of faith. And when parents do find that safe space – whether a nursery, childminder or nanny... read more

Are modular homes are making a comeback?

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And how can prefab homes get us closer to circularity? Let's have a short discussion on mobile, manufactured and modular homes. Exciting, amiright? All three of these home types have a bad rap based on the (generally)... read more

For Parents, It's A Summer Of Hardship And Impossible Choices

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Sally Worrall and her family.We’re at the half way point of the UK summer holidays, a time that is always testing to parents’ patience and bank balances. But when it comes to keeping children happy and occupied amid the escalating cost of living... read more

Is the mining sector ready and able to deliver net zero?

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BusinessGreen sits down with CEO of the International Council of Mining and Minerals to discuss the battery gold rush and the potential for a European sustainable mining boom The chief of the International Council on... read more

How the net zero sceptics' medieval arguments are being overwhelmed by a very modern reality

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Critics of the net zero transition are trying to blame it for the UK's economic woes, but their arguments are looking increasingly detached from the modern world The arguments against the net zero transition continue to be... read more

5 Ways You Can Start Being A Better Ally To The Trans Community Today

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It’s not enough to sit on the sidelines if you support the trans community. According to Dani St James, the chief executive of Not A Phase, the impact of allyship is “majorly underestimated by cis counterparts”.“They tend to be unknowing about the... read more

Inflation Reduction Act: 10 ways it will turbocharge US climate action (and one way it won't)

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The landmark legislation's climate provisions could unlock billions of dollars of low carbon investment and millions of green jobs - but it also paves the way for new fossil fuel infrastructure After decades of gridlock,... read more

Can Covid Give You Diarrhoea? This Is What The Experts Think

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While most people are now aware of the most common Covid symptoms – from a sore throat to a headache and fever – diarrhoea has not been mentioned that much.And, according to the Zoe Health Study which logs data from millions of app users, it... read more

Why Are People Waiting 3 Days In A&E Corridors To Be Seen?

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Patients have been waiting up to three days in the corridors of A&E with the hope to be seen by a doctor – by just what is causing this delay?Journalist Paul Brand brought the reality of NHS struggles to the surface in a documentary which aired on... read more

What's Going On With The Traffic In Dover? Here's Everything You Need To Know

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Queues at Dover PortTens of thousands of travellers are caught in six-hour long queues leading to the Port of Dover this Friday, just as most school holidays begin.While the queues are not exclusive to Dover – people are facing delays in London,... read more