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Meet 7 diversity leaders who are fighting for equity and inclusion in Big Law and the advice they have for firms

Summary List PlacementFor women, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community, the legal industry has historically been a tough place to succeed, with Big Law, the group of top law firms in the country, remaining a "boys' club" for mostly straight white men. The industry has improved in recent decades in regard to diversity... go to Article >

10 Things in Politics: Meghan's biggest interview bombshells

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Summary List PlacementGood morning! We hope you had a nice weekend. Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics. Don't miss the best of Insider's political coverage! Sign up here to get this newsletter in your inbox each day. Today is International... read more

10 business leaders fighting to make the Black experience a permanent part of corporate America

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Summary List PlacementThis Black History Month seems different from those of recent years. There's an overwhelming outcry from the American public, specifically from Black people, people of color, and their allies, to combat systemic racism... read more

Inside money managers' scramble to get a grip on socially conscious investing as the Biden era dawns

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Summary List PlacementPresident Joe Biden's administration has already ushered in wins for climate activists, from rejoining the Paris climate agreement to banning oil companies' leases on federal land. One set of environmental policies that... read more

These 15 charts show the inequalities Black Americans still face

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Summary List PlacementFebruary is Black History Month, when the achievements of Black Americans are recognized and celebrated. Although the US has come a long way in working toward equity in the workplace and recognizing the work and... read more

LGBTQ finance leaders tell Insider how they bring their authentic selves to work and help bridge gaps in inclusion

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Summary List PlacementThe finance sector has many progressive policies. But a 2020 S&P report identified a growing problem of "bro culture," and inappropriate language, worsened by the requirement to work from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A... read more

Top crypto lawyers — Walmart lures Goldman bankers — Wall Street moves of the week

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Summary List PlacementGood morning and welcome to Insider Finance. I'm Dan DeFrancesco, and here's what's on the agenda today: Carlyle executives explain how they helped portfolio company Novolex diversify its workforce. Meet the leading... read more

Hindsight Is 20/20: Living Your Culture In The Next Normal

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There's no doubt that things have shifted dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, leaders are asking themselves hard questions. What does the next "normal" look like for them? And, how can they successfully implement new aspects... read more

GEN Z VCS: Meet the top 29 up-and-comers changing the world of venture capital

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Summary List PlacementGen Z VCs have made headlines by starting syndicates, networking in Slack groups, and making a racket on Clubhouse. It's quickly become clear: Gen Z is already shaking up the venture capital industry. There's no set path... read more

Corporate America and Biden have a budding love affair. But a lot has to happen before Democrats can become the party of Big Business.

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Summary List PlacementDonald Trump got dumped, Republicans lost Congress, and corporate America — typically conservatives' suitor — finds itself engaged in a budding courtship with Democrats. Can this Big Business-Biden romance last? It's …... read more

How to get into Yale Law School, the No. 1 program in the US

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Summary List PlacementIf you're planning to apply to the No. 1 law school in the nation, then you already know you have your work cut out for you. According to US News & World Report's 2021 Best Law Schools ranking, that school is Yale Law... read more