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Merseyside man who went on to become a world leader

Richard Seddon rose to prominence in politics but returned to his hometown on a number of occasions go to Article >

The internet loathes Amber Heard. That's terrible for domestic violence victims.

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A few years ago, I came to briefly know Amber Heard. The woman I met on the phone, then later in person, struck me as authentic and sincere as she spoke about her role as a Human Rights Champion of the United Nations Human Rights Office. I never... read more

World Is Still Not Prepared For Future Pandemics Even After Covid, WHO Says

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The world is still not ready for any future pandemics despite having years to prepare for Covid, according to an expert panel.A new report from the Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, which is part of the World Health... read more

Can you imagine living in 49°C? India is experiencing a sweltering heatwave

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A woman waits to fill her vessels with drinking water from a tanker, amid a water crisis (Picture: Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times via Getty Images) Blooms withering off trees and trailing down the streets was the first sign that this wasn’t going... read more

Jean Carne: ‘It feels like it’s my time now’

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She hung out with Earth, Wind & Fire, helped coach Michael Jackson and was the last person to sing with Duke Ellington. Now Jean Carne is enjoying an unexpected second spell in the limelightAt 21, the singer Jean Carne had uprooted her life in... read more

Russian Diplomat Quits United Nations Role In Protest At 'Absolutely Needless' Ukraine War

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A view from damaged sites amid Russian attacks in MariupolA top Russian diplomat has quit his role at the United Nations in protest at his country “absolutely needless” invasion of Ukraine.Boris Bondarev said he had “never been so ashamed of my... read more

Covid Bereaved Families Hit Out At Findings In Sue Gray Report

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Boris Johnson issued an apology to MPs following Sue Gray's report.Families who lost loved ones to Covid have hit out at the No.10 officials found “drinking themselves sick” in Sue Gray’s damning report into the partygate scandal. The senior civil... read more

Sue Gray Report: 6 Key Takeaways From The Partygate Investigation

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Boris Johnson raises a toast at Lee Cain's leaving doSix months since the first revelations about lockdown busting parties held in Downing Street and Whitehall, Sue Gray has finally delivered her report into law breaking at the top of... read more

75% Of Women Of Colour Experience Racism At Work. Is Anyone Surprised?

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Black women have to hide who they are at work.It’s been two years since George Floyd was devastatingly murdered in front of our eyes. After the brutal killing, there was seldom a company that failed to put out a statement on racism, diversity and... read more

What Your Brain Goes Through When You Feel Schadenfreude

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We've all felt it.Feel a happy tinge when someone else is doing worse off than you? Can’t help but laugh at a kid falling over and dropping their ice cream? Unable to hide your delight at seeing the failures of the powerful but incompetent? Or the... read more

Doncaster and Milton Keynes among eight towns awarded city status

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Stanley in Falkland Islands also becomes city after contest marking Queen’s platinum jubilee yearDoncaster, Milton Keynes and Stanley in the Falkland Islands have been awarded city status, approved by the Queen, in a competition being held as part... read more