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Microsoft thwarts one of the biggest cyberattacks in its history involving 70,000 computers

The attack targeted one of Microsoft's customers in Europe via its Azure cloud computing service, and was 140 per cent higher than the highest attack bandwidth volume the firm recorded in 2020. go to Article >

The best Black Friday laptop deals so far

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UPDATE: Nov. 11, 2021, 4:55 p.m. EST Laptop deals are a Black Friday staple, and 2021 will be no different. We've already started putting together a list of the best discounts so far — check out our top picks below, and read on for even more... read more

Microsoft warns it just blocked ‘BIGGEST cyberattack ever’ from ‘70,000 computers across Asia’ – including China

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MICROSOFT has fought off the biggest “DDoS attack” in recorded history. The huge cyberattack involved tens of thousands of computers – most of which were spread across Asia. Cyberattacks are increasingly common and highly sophisticated. One of the... read more

Solana: What you need to know about the skyrocketing cryptocurrency

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Solana, a cryptocurrency that launched to relatively little fanfare in April 2020, has recently been on a tear. Its price rose from roughly $1.50 in January 2021 to more than $208 at writing time, making it the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the... read more

Keeping 1.5C alive: Is COP26 on track to deliver on its goals?

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The Glasgow Climate Summit is unlikely to bring the world into line with the Paris Agreement's goals, but there is growing optimism it can deliver a lot more than 'blah, blah, blah' The COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow... read more

James Ruppert: New car prices have doubled in a decade - so buy used

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'Carflation' is a very real phenomenon, according to our second-hand expert These are very strange times. Nearly new used cars have been going up in value, the computer chips are missing for new motors and new car prices aren’t getting any... read more