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Mitch McConnell Mocked for Waiting to Recognize Biden As President-Elect Until After Putin Did

Despite non-stop protest from the Trump administration over the past month, the Electoral college finally voted to elect Joe Biden as the next president of the United States on Monday. And that sparked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to, at long last, admit that it was Joe Biden who won the election rather than Donald Trump.... go to Article >

Vladimir Putin on Clubhouse? Kremlin Calls Elon Musk’s Offer an ‘Interesting Proposal’

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Tesla billionaire Elon Musk reached out to Vladimir Putin in an attempt to ask if the Russian president would chat with him on the social media-app Clubhouse. For their part, the Kremlin called Musk’s offer “an interesting proposal” and didn’t... read more

‘SNL': Aidy Bryant Kills It as Ted Cruz in Impeachment Cold Open (Video)

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After two episodes in a row with cold opens curiously devoid of anything related to the most significant events of the current moment, the latest “SNL” finally acknowledged U.S. politics with a sketch inspired by the only thing people were... read more

How Biden is trying to avoid the pitfalls of Obama's first 100 days

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Summary List PlacementPresidents Joe Biden and Barack Obama took office amid some eerie parallels. Both found themselves confronting economic crises worsening by the day during their transitions. Both inherited rising federal debts and... read more

GOP kicks Trump to curb after deadly Capitol insurrection, leaving president to fend for himself during his historic second impeachment

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Summary List PlacementWith just eight days left in office, the "adults in the room" who had been keeping President Donald Trump from flying off the rails are leaving him to fend for himself after he spurred his supporters to violently attack... read more

Lawmakers are fighting over the ethics of taking a COVID-19 vaccine before healthcare workers and the elderly

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Summary List PlacementA handful of both Republican and Democratic members of Congress are loudly objecting to the federal government's COVID-19 vaccine rollout process, which makes certain politicians a priority to receive a vaccine for the... read more

Joe Manchin just became one of the most important people in Joe Biden's Washington

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Summary List PlacementSen. Joe Manchin is now one of the most powerful people on Capitol Hill. And he knows it. Democrats will hold a slim majority in the Senate after Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff clinched victories in the Georgia runoffs,... read more

Biden reconsiders Cabinet dream team after Democrats' lackluster Senate gains. Stock sinking for progressives like Bernie, Warren

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Summary List Placement President-elect Joe Biden probably won't get his Cabinet dream team, thanks to Mitch McConnell.  Biden's camp is already rethinking its roster of top officials now that Democrats' chances of capturing a Senate majority... read more

Amy Coney Barrett's fellow faculty members at the University of Notre Dame called on her to delay her nomination until after the election

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Summary List Placement Faculty members at the University of Notre Dame called on judge Amy Coney Barrett, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, to "halt" her nomination till after the November election, in an... read more

Trump Formally Nominates Amy Coney Barrett To Supreme Court

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President Donald Trump on Saturday formally nominated Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, with about five weeks left until Election Day. “I looked, and I studied, and you are very eminently qualified for this... read more

The brewing Supreme Court battle over Justice Ginsburg's replacement is about to dominate your Facebook feed and Google searches

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Summary List Placement "FILL THAT SEAT!" So demands one of the hundreds of Facebook ads unleashed by the Trump campaign in the days since Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death last Friday as the battle for the Supreme Court goes digital.  An... read more