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Mousetalgia Episode 617: Howard and Alan

This week, join Mousetalgia as we speak with Disney producer and filmmaker Don Hahn in a conversation about Howard, his documentary about legendary lyricist Howard Ashman. Hahn joins us to speak about the journey he has made with the film in the two years since it first premiered, and talks about the man who "gave a mermaid her voice... go to Article >

‘The Masked Singer’ Eliminates 2 More Contestants: And Caterpillar and Mallard Are…

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(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s episode of “The Masked Singer.”) Two contestants were kicked off “The Masked Singer” Wednesday and neither was Jake Gyllenhaal. If you watched the episode, you understand why that’s... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 249.5: Richard Sherman and Alan Menken

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Richard Sherman and Alan Menken speak about their upcoming concert ("Richard M. Sherman and Alan Menken: The Disney Songbook) at the D23 Expo in this special midweek bonus episode of Mousetalgia. Dave was able to take part in a media phone... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 252: D23 Expo panels and presentations

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The Disney Studios and nostalgic music take the lead in our second episode covering the recent D23 Expo in Anaheim! Team Mousetalgia report on the keynote Studios presentation at the Expo, and discuss the celebrity appearances, special surprises,... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 525: Don Hahn on Howard Ashman, Mouse-Con, Nutcracker

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Mousetalgia welcomes producer/director Don Hahn back to the show to discuss his latest film, Howard - a documentary of the life and work of Howard Ashman, the legendary lyricist behind hits including "The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast",... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 339: The "unsung Newsie" Derek Young; Haunted Mansion news

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Mousetalgia continues our own 24/7 Newsies cycle with another Newsies-inspired episode today as we welcome session musician Derek Young to the show to talk about his experience as the "unsung Newsie" from the original Disney film, released 23... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 365: Disneyland trip planning; Disney's mid-century modern design

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Mousetalgia reports on "Disney's Mid-Century Modern - to the World's Fair and Beyond," a panel discussion held at the Walt Disney Family Museum with Garner Holt's Bill Butler, historian Alan Hess, and historian Bill Cotter, the preeminent expert... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 439: Pirates of the Caribbean turns 50, part two - Alan Coats on Claude Coats

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Join us this week as the Lady Mousetalgia sets sail for part two of our Pirates of the Caribbean 50th anniversary celebration! This week, Imagineer Alan Coats joins us to talk about his father - Disney Legend Claude Coats - who was put in charge... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 510: Marvel - Universe of Superheroes, Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet 2018

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In this week's Marvel-ous episode of Mousetalgia, we welcome Brian Crosby, Creative Director for Themed Entertainment for Marvel, back to the show to talk about "Marvel: Universe of Superheroes," the new exhibit currently showing at the Museum of... read more

Mousetalgia Episode 490: This week in Disney history; Nick Park

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Dive into a week in Disney history with Mousetalgia! Let's take a walk through a week in March throughout the history of the Walt Disney Company. Topics include Winnie the Pooh; Hazel George, Walt's nurse; Howard Ashman's legacy; Disney Afternoon... read more

Why Hearing Actors Playing Deaf Characters Still Sparks Backlash

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This story is the third in a three-part Spotlight on Deaf Actors When deaf actress Deanne Bray was auditioning for the PAX crime series “Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye” to portray a real-life deaf FBI agent, she was alarmed to encounter more hearing... read more