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National Food Strategy calls for major cut in UK meat consumption to fix public and planetary health

Government-commissioned report argues UK's food system must be transformed to protect the climate, nature, and the NHS The second instalment of the government-commissioned National Food Strategy has warned the UK must significantly reduce its consumption of meat if it wants to curb the impacts the food system... go to Article >

'Peak poultry': UK's appetite for industrial chicken threatens its climate and nature goals, campaigners warn

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Government urged to introduce ban on new intensive poultry units and take industrial chicken meat off the menu in schools and hospitals The government has been urged to introduce an immediate ban on new intensive poultry... read more

'Net zero is not enough': Why climate experts are calling for 'net negative' emissions strategies

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Climate Crisis Advisory Group argues that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 could reach dangerous levels by 2050, even if net zero targets are met Net zero emission climate targets may have swept the public and private... read more

Food strategy calls for £3bn sugar and salt tax to improve UK’s diet

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Report says changes in eating habits must be accelerated to meet targets on health and climate Ministers are being urged to levy a £3bn sugar and salt tax as part of a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to break Britain’s addiction to junk food,... read more

Food strategy for England calls for big cut in meat consumption

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The government-commissioned review lays out the damage our diet and farming system wreaks on the environment The new food strategy for England, commissioned by the government, lays out in stark detail the damage the current food and farming... read more

Investors call for mandatory food reporting rules to unlock finance for 'greener' companies

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Major investors call on government to heed National Food Strategy’s call for enhanced reporting rules for large food firms Investors with £2.8tr in assets under management or advice have urged the government to introduce... read more

We need to fix food

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Our food system is driving climate change, biodiversity loss and poor health - government leadership is needed to change course, argues Pukka Herbs' co-founder Sebastian Pole It's no secret that our current food system is... read more

A big chance to tackle Britain’s rampant meat consumption has been missed | Rosemary Green

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The National Food Strategy has rightly declared war on junk food, but bypasses the crucial issue of how our diet harms the climate I’ve spent a long time waiting for the UK to produce a proper and detailed plan to reform its dysfunctional... read more

Report: Food waste crisis worse than thought, as farm waste tops one billion tonnes

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Major new study from WWF argues previous food waste data is based on a major underestimate, thanks to huge amounts of food lost before it leaves the farm The global food waste mountain could be considerably larger than... read more

Planes, cars, diets and homes: How can the government enlist the public in its net zero mission?

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As public debates about the type and scale of lifestyle change required to deliver a more sustainable economy rage, the Tony Blair Institute provides government with a list of priorities The debate around net zero... read more

Revealed: UK supermarkets linked to beef suppliers driving illegal Amazon deforestation

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EXCLUSIVE: Asda pledges to stop stocking certain canned products following investigation revealing links to illegal Amazon rainforest destruction The global meat industry is once again under fire over its links to... read more