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Net Zero Barometer: Are economic headwinds putting corporate climate goals at risk?

BSI's latest survey of top executives and sustainability professionals points to worrying gap between corporates' climate ambition and their day-to-day prioritisation of green measures Leading executives and sustainability professionals are finding it harder than expected to prioritise the net zero transition at... go to Article >

'We are worried': UK climate advisors slam 'shocking' lack of net zero delivery

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Government taking risky ‘high wire approach to net zero’ by failing to match ambition with delivery, CCC warns The government is performing a risky "high wire approach to net zero" by failing to drive rapid action towards... read more

ONS confirms plan to publish emissions data alongside GDP stats

6 Days ago Finance Source:

ONS says changes will help policymakers chart 'the environmental impact of changes in economic activity' The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has confirmed it is to begin publishing carbon emissions statistics alongside... read more

Research: Climate-friendly cost-of-living policies offer best outlook for UK economy

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Home and business energy efficiency drive would boost GDP over long-term while cutting CO2 and fuel poverty, CLG report finds Policies aiming to address both the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis promise better... read more

Reaching net zero requires climate intervention and aggressive mitigation

20 Days ago Finance Source:

Prudent planning and risk management have powered societal and economic development for centuries. Those strategies should also be at the heart of the climate fight, write Dr. Michael MacCracken and H. David Tattershall In... read more

Keep it in the ground: How fossil fuel risk remains deeply embedded in global stock markets

11 Days ago Finance Source:

Carbon Tracker analysis finds global stock markets are still carrying three times more carbon reserves than can be burned for the world to stay on a 1.5C pathway Global stock markets are sitting on vast stranded asset... read more

Plant-based potential: Report warns UK risks missing out on alternative protein boom

24 Days ago Finance Source:

Social Market Foundation warns lack of action from government could see UK lose out to international competitors as demand for alternative meats accelerates The UK government is failing to match the ambition of several... read more

Feeling bullish: Carbon market tipped for continued growth, but challenges remain

12 Days ago Finance Source:

Confidence remains high across the global carbon market, but investors want to see governments act to make carbon pricing fairer and more predictable At least one market is feeling bullish in the face of the myriad economic... read more

Food Strategy: How the government served up a dish that disappointed almost everyone

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The government’s new Food Strategy has sparked an angry response from environmental and farming groups alike, but is it really as bad as its critics suggest? 'Half baked', 'flatter than a pancake', a plan to 'cook the... read more

IEA chief Fatih Birol on energy efficiency, national security, and the 'risky business' of fossil fuel exploration

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Executive director of influential think tank sits down with BusinessGreen to discuss why energy efficiency and net zero are 'the Romeo and Juliet' of the clean energy transition Mobilising governments around the world to... read more

'The inefficiency penalty': Government again urged to get a grip on underpowered energy efficiency policy

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CBI leads fresh calls for 'an all-out national effort' to improve energy efficiency and accelerate decarbonisation efforts Conservative in-fighting may be once again reaching one of its periodic crescendos, but there is... read more