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New conservative target: Race as factor in COVID treatment

Some conservatives are taking aim at policies that allow doctors to consider race as a risk factor when allocating scarce COVID-19 treatments, saying the protocols discriminate against white people go to Article >

This Is How Covid Impacts Your Heart, Lungs And Kidneys After Infection

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Female Doctor Observing X-Ray Of The ChestCovid affects the heart, lungs and kidneys, according to two new studies, and the impacts could last long after the initial infection has passed. The first study was carried out in 10 intensive care units... read more

'Remove barriers': Opportunities and risks for green economy, as government preps reboot in Queen's Speech

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Queen's Speech expected to include new Energy Bill and latest wave of planning reforms, as Boris Johnson faces mounting pressure to tackle cost of living crisis Boris Johnson will tomorrow attempt the latest reboot of his... read more

Priti Patel Heckled Over 'Racist' Rwanda Policy Which Will 'Ruin People's Lives'

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Priti Patel was heckled during a speech by protesters from the Green New Deal RisingPriti Patel’s speech at a Conservative Party “spring dinner” was interrupted by demonstrators calling the home secretary out for her treatment of refugees on... read more

Queen's Speech: What is - and isn't - on the government's green agenda for the year ahead?

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The war in Ukraine, cost of living crisis, and imminent local elections all underscore the need to accelerate the net zero transition - but fresh Treasury support for decarbonisation efforts appears unlikely It's coming up... read more

Far-right embarrass themselves at the polls - and at the count

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The far-right failed miserably at yesterday's elections. This was a nationwide trend, with the BNP losing all of the seats it contested, but it was particularly heartening to see on Merseyside. Given all the commotion they've been causing... read more

'You can have any realistic policy, as long as it's green': Michael Gove hits back at net zero critics

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The Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities once described himself as a ‘shy green’, but he’s far from shy about it now "My view is that you can have any realistic policy solution to any of our... read more

The intriguing link between depression and misinformation

81 Days ago Tech Source:

When Dr. Roy Perlis partnered with peers and colleagues to conduct an ongoing survey of Americans about COVID-19, the Harvard Medical School psychiatrist knew the team had to ask about mental health. Since the survey's spring 2020 launch, the... read more

After Child Q, This Is The Change Black British Women Really Want To See

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Two days can tell you a lot about the state of racism in the UK. Two weeks, even more so. And two years? It was less than a fortnight ago, on Tuesday March 15, when the ‘Child Q’ safeguarding report was published, which ruled racism to have been... read more

Green Finance Strategy 2.0: Here's what an ambitious UK plan should look like

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The UK is a world-leader in green finance, but there's still much more the government can do, writes Dr Ben Caldecott of the UK Centre for Greening Finance & Investment (CGFI) The UK is a world-leader in green finance. Of... read more

I Transitioned During Covid. Going Back Into The World Feels Unsafe In A Whole New Way.

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This essay is part of Survive. Thrive. Evolve: How Two Years of the Pandemic Impacted Us Around the World, a global HuffPost project featuring individuals writing about how their lives were affected after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic.The... read more