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New York Gamblers Cross Into New Jersey to Place NFL Bets Online

You can’t gamble online in New York, but you can in New Jersey. For a group of frustrated N.F.L. bettors, that means a 15-minute trek via bicycle that saves them a $16 toll. go to Article >

Do I Get Enough Vitamin D in the Winter?

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In higher-latitude cities like Boston, inadequate UVB limits vitamin D synthesis for at least a few months during the winter. read more

Are My Allergies All in My Head?

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Allergies exist. But emotional factors can make them better or worse. read more

Women Earn $2 Million Less Than Men in Their Careers as Doctors

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A survey of more than 80,000 physicians estimated that women make 25 percent less than men over a 40-year career. read more

Is Gluten-Free Bread Healthier than Regular Bread?

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Experts say there are important distinctions to keep in mind. read more

Tesla Drivers Can Now Play Video Games Even With Car Moving

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The feature raises fresh questions about whether Tesla is compromising safety as it rushes to add new technologies. read more

Ethiopia Says It Recaptured 2 Strategic Towns From Tigray Rebels

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The government said it took back the towns of Dessie and Kombolcha, the latest in a string of wins Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has claimed in recent days. read more

Biden to Talk With Putin Amid Fears That Russia May Invade Ukraine

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With signs of a substantial Russian military buildup, Western leaders hope the summit can avert a crisis. But in the trenches along the Ukrainian front line, as machine-gun fire echoes in the distance, there is little hope that diplomacy will end... read more

Etel Adnan’s Bittersweet Arrival at the Guggenheim

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The philosopher-artist reveled in nature and in exploring her inner life. The phosphorescence of her work has not dimmed. read more

Going Deep Into Oyster Country

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From coastal Virginia to New York and New Orleans, a writer delves into the history and lore surrounding the shellfish, with a focus on the role African Americans have played over the years. read more

Annie Frisbie's Marathon Debut: "It's Still Sinking In"

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Annie Frisbie’s time in the New York City Marathon was the fourth-fastest marathon debut for an American woman. read more

Gil Hodges, a Dodgers Star and Mets Manager, Was Best Viewed in Total

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Gil Hodges struggled to make the Hall of Fame because voters had to consider him as a player or as a manager. Hodges was decidedly both and is finally headed to Cooperstown. read more