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NHS Leaders Demand Government Take 'Urgent Action' On Energy Prices

NHS bosses have made an “unprecedented” appeal to the government to take action on rising energy prices as the UK faces a “public health emergency”.The NHS Confederation sent a letter to ministers on Friday, warning that surging costs mean people will have to choose between skipping meals to heat their homes or living in cold and damp... go to Article >

Liz Truss Doubles Down And Insists The Government Has 'The Right Plan' For The Economy

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Liz Truss has insisted the government had to take “urgent action to get the economy growing” as she doubled down on the controversial mini-budget.Last Friday’s fiscal event - which unveiled plans for massive unfunded tax cuts - has led to the... read more

'Hefty premium': How EV drivers without home charging are being penalised as energy costs soar

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Government faces more calls to slash VAT on public charging to five per cent to boost attractiveness of EVs to all types of household Electric vehicle (EV) owners without access to offstreet parking who can not charge at... read more

'British power to the British people': Keir Starmer unveils plans for publicly-owned clean energy company

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Great British Energy would cut energy bills and deliver energy independence for the UK, Labour Leader tells party conference Labour Leader Keir Starmer has pledged that a Labour government would set up a publicly owned... read more

Global Briefing: Egypt pledges to focus on 'implementation' at COP27

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Egypt sets out priorities for upcoming climate summit, France moves to end overseas oil and gas finance, and yet another internal combustion engine ban date is confirmed COP27: Egypt to prioritise climate finance,... read more

Britain can go green, but only if we work together

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Britain is overwhelmingly in favour of tackling climate change and protecting nature and it is time for the government to step up, writes Ben Margolis This summer has brought home the impacts of climate change to the people... read more

Scotland's Introducing A Rent Freeze, Why Not The Rest Of The UK?

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Campaigners are urging the UK Government to take action as soon as possibleAs the cost of living crisis continues to grip the UK, renters in both social and private housing in Scotland have seen new laws introduced in a bid to help them get... read more

Liz Truss Versus The Trade Unions: The Next Front In The Culture Wars?

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Liz Truss vowed to take a "tough line on trade union action that is not helping people get on in life".Much has been made of Liz Truss’s attempts to emulate her icon, Margaret Thatcher, in her quest to become Tory leader and prime minister.While... read more

Labour draws green dividing lines with promise of net zero emission power by 2030

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As green groups slam the government's 'attack on nature', the opposition is this week seeking to make bolder climate action central to its offer to the country The political consensus on the UK's climate strategy has never... read more

What does the falling pound mean for the green economy?

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BusinessGreen talks to green business and finance experts about how the slump in sterling might impact businesses and investors driving the UK's transition to a low carbon economy The pound fell to a 37-year low against... read more

'Triple win': From the CBI to Greenpeace, calls grow for emergency energy efficiency blitz

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Coalition of top businesses call on government to invest £5bn in home insulation in Friday's mini-Budget It is a perennial feature of the political calendar, as painstakingly co-ordinated as Party Conference season or the... read more