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Omicron symptoms to look for in children amid fears they could be infected at higher rate

There are suggestions Omicron could be infecting children at a higher rate than before, though medics say infections have been mild go to Article >

'We’ve Been Forgotten': 5-Day Isolation Leaves Clinically Vulnerable Fearing For Their Lives

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“When I see some people say things like, ‘Oh my God, I have to isolate for 10 days’, I think, ‘Well, I’ve been isolating for over 800 days and I dare someone to try it,’” says Juilet Coffer, who has sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease that... read more

COVID: why T cell vaccines could be the key to long-term immunity

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With omicron having rapidly driven up COVID infections, attention is once again focusing on antibodies, and reasonably so. They play a critical role in fighting off viruses and are important for preventing the coronavirus infecting our cells.... read more

Covid Update: Where Do We Stand With Omicron In 2022?

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Omicron was only identified by the World Health Organisation in late November but it is already the dominant strain in the UK. The highly transmissible Covid variant has swept through the country at an alarming rate, pushing the rate of... read more

Omicron symptoms to look for in kids amid fears they could be infected at higher rate

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As scientists gather more data on the super strain, there are suggestions it could be infecting children at a higher rate than before. Hospital admissions in children under five have reportedly surged in South Africa read more

The symptoms of Omicron to watch for in your kids – amid fears of rising cases in young

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OMICRON is already thought to be spreading among people in the UK in the lead up to Christmas. As scientists gather more data on the super strain, one worrisome sign is that it could be infecting children at a higher rate than before. The data... read more

Why 2021 felt worse than 2020, and how to feel better in 2022

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Back in March — which seems like eons ago — a meme comparing our 2021 selves to our 2020 selves went around. Needless to say, the more current state was withered, having been through a year of the pandemic at that point: Tweet may have been... read more

7 Ways To Make Your Christmas Shopping Less Of A Nightmare

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Unless you work in logistics, you’ve probably heard the term “supply chain” more times in the past few weeks than in your entire life. The global supply chain is struggling to keep up with demand and capacity amid a series of disruptions, from... read more

Here's How To Plan For A Christmas Self-Isolating

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As we hit a second day of record coronavirus cases in a row, with a Covid R rate that’s said to be close to five, Omicron is proving quite the festive dampener. More than one million people may be self-isolating with Covid-19 over Christmas... read more

Omicron messing with your mental health? Don't let the anxiety get to you.

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You've been here before. The flurry of headlines declare a "variant of concern." The talking heads urge you not to panic as chyrons below them repeat the words mutation and breakthrough. And, no, you shouldn't emotionally unravel because this... read more

Omicron Data Offers 'Glimmer Of Hope' At Christmas, Says Jenny Harries

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New data suggesting Omicron may be less likely to lead to serious illness than the Delta variant of coronavirus offers a “glimmer of Christmas hope”, a senior health official has said. But UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) chief executive Dr... read more