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Optimise, decarbonise, educate: How should businesses respond to the gas price crisis?

BusinessGreen offers a five point guide for how progressive companies can shield themselves from volatile energy markets while still moving closer to their net zero goals In October, the boss of frozen food chain Iceland, Richard Walker, took to the airwaves of Radio 4 to warn that customers would soon have to... go to Article >

'Boom and bust': Are coal and oil on the brink of permanent decline?

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Two reports out this week have highlighted how developments across 2021 are set to catalyse policy and technological trends that could catalyse the retreat of fossil fuels across the global energy system At times the fossil... read more

'Kicking the can down the road': Why a dash for gas to boost energy security would be a risky business

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TransitionZero analysis finds shifting from coal straight to renewables everywhere around the world is far cheaper than using gas as a 'bridge fuel' Shifting away from coal power straight to clean power sources such as wind... read more

'We will not bend to the will of activists': As BP profits soar, government doubles down on oil and gas expansion plans

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The government is urging the oil and gas industry to ramp up investment in the 'clean energy technologies of the future', but can increased production really become compatible with net zero goals? The UK government is... read more

Queen's Speech: What is - and isn't - on the government's green agenda for the year ahead?

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The war in Ukraine, cost of living crisis, and imminent local elections all underscore the need to accelerate the net zero transition - but fresh Treasury support for decarbonisation efforts appears unlikely It's coming up... read more

'Catastrophic water shortages': How cities around the world are facing up to worsening drought risks

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London among a host of world-cities at serious risk of water shortages in the coming decades, according to new analysis from Christian Aid The deadly heatwave afflicting much of India is a sign of things to come, with many... read more

Survey: Global energy industry leaders demand government action to address soaring costs

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World Energy Council research indicates growing confidence that Covid, climate, and conflict will accelerate net zero transition, but also highlights industry's renewed interest in fossil fuels Global energy industry... read more

Net Zero Barometer: Are economic headwinds putting corporate climate goals at risk?

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BSI's latest survey of top executives and sustainability professionals points to worrying gap between corporates' climate ambition and their day-to-day prioritisation of green measures Leading executives and sustainability... read more

No energy security without efficiency: How energy use is key to tackling the gas price crisis

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Energy security and net zero requires a rethink of the way energy consumed and used. But what policies do experts think shuold feature to the government’s upcoming Energy Security Strategy and Spring Statement? Russia's... read more

Spring Statement: Sunak scraps VAT on clean tech in bid to tackle gas price crisis

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Chancellor reveals plan to remove VAT on energy saving materials and technologies, as decision to cut fuel duty angers environmental campaigners Rishi Sunak today announced plans to scrap VAT on domestic energy saving... read more

'Economically and environmentally illiterate': The green economy reacts to the Energy Security Strategy

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BusinessGreen rounds up the leading reaction to the government's plan for shoring up British energy independence in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine After weeks of speculation, the government is set to publish its... read more