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Outlook launches discounted ticket scheme in response to rising cost of living

The Croatian festival, which will hold its inaugural UK event this summer, is offering discounted tickets for those who can't afford the full price The post Outlook launches discounted ticket scheme in response to rising cost of living appeared first on Crack Magazine. go to Article >

Skimpflation: Everything You Need To Know About Inflation's Terrible Offspring

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At this point, finding anything which hasn’t been touched by inflation and the cost of living crisis is a hard task.With inflation at a 40-year high of 9.1%, and expected to only keep rising until the autumn, it’s not exactly surprising.But it’s... read more

Research: Climate-friendly cost-of-living policies offer best outlook for UK economy

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Home and business energy efficiency drive would boost GDP over long-term while cutting CO2 and fuel poverty, CLG report finds Policies aiming to address both the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis promise better... read more

'The inefficiency penalty': Government again urged to get a grip on underpowered energy efficiency policy

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CBI leads fresh calls for 'an all-out national effort' to improve energy efficiency and accelerate decarbonisation efforts Conservative in-fighting may be once again reaching one of its periodic crescendos, but there is... read more

Business leaders urge government to avoid 'false choice' on how to fund expanded domestic energy efficiency scheme

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Expanded ECO scheme should be funded through fresh investment, rather than by raiding existing energy efficiency budgets, letter warns Scores of businesses working in renewables, insulation, and housing have urged Boris... read more

Energy Security Strategy: Government promises 'major acceleration of homegrown power'

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But campaigners slam strategy that will 'do nothing to help the UK get off Russian gas this year', warning 'the person who will be happiest with it is Vladimir Putin' The government will tomorrow publish its long-awaited... read more

Grant Shapps Acts His Heart Out In Transport Department's Latest PR Stunt

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Transport secretary Grant Shapps has again appeared in a bizarre PR video to promote the DfT's latest workGrant Shapps has starred in yet another video to promote the Department of Transport’s latest work – and there have already been some mixed... read more

Octopus Energy launches onshore wind 'dating agency' to match landowners and communities

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'Plots for kilowatts' campaign aims to identify 10 new potential sites for onshore wind turbines in England by end of summer 2022 Octopus Energy has created a "dating agency" service to match up landowners interested in... read more

PM defends green levy on energy bills as he hits back at 'prejudice' against green agenda

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Boris Johnson rejects reports that government intends to scrap the levy that is added on to consumer bills to fund clean energy projects The Prime Minister has dismissed calls from some Tory MPs to scrap the green levies... read more

The Chancellor can and must act now to support millions of households facing fuel poverty

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The Spring Statement should set out stronger support for boosting household energy efficiency, write Green Alliance's Joe Tetlow and Sam Alvis Even before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, UK inflation was spiralling. Driven... read more

Conservative MPs urge Treasury to stump up cash to cover green energy levies in response to soaring bills

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Conservative Environment Network calls for HMT to fund environmental and social levies on energy bills to help ease burden of soaring costs for home and businesses Pressure continues to mount on the government to harness... read more