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'Overdelivered on the politics, but underdelivered on the science': The experts' take on COP26

Business and policy leaders reflect on the major wins from the Glasgow Summit, what needs to happen next, and why COPs could look and feel difficult from now on The COP26 Climate Summit came to a close a little over a week ago, with nearly 200 counties endorsing the new Glasgow Climate Pact after marathon... go to Article >

Delivering on the Glasgow Climate Pact in a changing world

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COP26 President Alok Sharma's speech to Tufts University last week urged countries to step up their efforts to meet commitments made at COP26 Climate Summit last autumn Ladies and gentlemen, when Charles Tufts was asked... read more

'A new world of hybrid governance': Rachel Kyte on the battle to bring integrity to voluntary carbon markets

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The Voluntary Carbon Markets Integrity Initiative is poised to publish claims guidance for businesses hoping to tap credits to help reach net zero goals - Co-chair Rachel Kyte gives BusinessGreen a peek at what to expect... read more

'Thin gruel': The green economy reacts to the Queen's Speech

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Green business figures, politicians, academics and campaign groups deliver give their verdict on the government's legislative agenda for the coming year Today marked the official state opening of Parliament for the coming... read more

'An atlas of human suffering': Top figures react to IPPC's latest climate warning

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Business leaders, economists, politicians, climate experts, green groups and more react to yet another dire warning from climate scientists Thousands of world's leading climate scientists, after over three years of work,... read more

6 Planet-Friendly Pledges That Could Actually Make All The Difference

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Saving the planet isn’t easy and it isn’t a job just for individuals. All of us need to play our part, but where can we start? There are so many different ways we are told to be more environmentally friendly that it can seem overwhelming.  We... read more

Why social-emotional learning for kids is under attack

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Not too long ago, social-emotional learning (SEL) brought people on the left and right together in pursuit of teaching children skills for thriving in the classroom and beyond. Now it may sound familiar because it's become a flashpoint in the... read more

Is the British curriculum failing students on climate and green skills?

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Ministers are facing pressure to overhaul the education system to better prepare pupils for the climate emergency and ensure they have the skills they will need to participate in the green economy The government has this... read more

'You can't negotiate with science': Drafting the seven commandments of net zero

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Was 2021 the year that 'net zero' went mainstream? The concept has certainly enjoyed a remarkable rise in prominance over the past couple of years. It was only in summer 2019 that the UK set what was then the first... read more

Collective interest should spur us to deliver at COP27

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COP26 President Alok Sharma's speech urging international cooperation on climate as he lays out UK Presidency's priorities for the year ahead Around the world, 2021 saw troops mobilise, violence erupt, and relations... read more

'We care deeply, but we don't speak up': Why young people are afraid to talk about climate change - and what business can do about it

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Report warns a lack of diversity among climate spokespeople and an unforgiving online environment is putting off young people from discussing climate change Conversations around climate change are not flowing as they... read more