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Patents Not "Limiting Factor" For Vaccine Production: BioNTech

German firm BioNTech said Thursday that patent protection for Covid-19 vaccines is not holding back production or supply of the jabs that it developed with Pfizer. go to Article >

John Ivison: Liberal policies are pricing Canada out of the pharma market

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Canada failed to develop a domestic COVID vaccine in time for this pandemic, which explains why Ottawa... read more

What vaccine patent waivers mean for producers

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Once again, the EU has found itself on the back foot when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. This time it is in the form of the surprise announcement on Wednesday by the Biden administration in support for the temporary suspension of... read more

Global leaders want to override COVID-19 vaccine patents to boost production. It probably isn't going to work.

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Summary List PlacementA move to override Moderna, Pfizer, and other companies' exclusive rights to their COVID-19 vaccines has sent the drug industry into a tizzy. The Biden Administration said Wednesday that it would back a motion to waive... read more

India deaths top 4,000 in one day as EU urges end to vaccine export limits

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New Covid-19 deaths surged past 4,000 for the first time in India on Saturday in one of the world's worst outbreaks, as EU pressure mounted on Washington to end vaccine export limits and offer a concrete plan to lift patents. "I call very... read more

Moderna's CEO said he 'didn't lose a minute of sleep' over the US support for waiving patents for COVID-19 vaccines

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Summary List PlacementThe CEO of Moderna said he "didn't lose a minute of sleep" following the US decision to back waiving intellectual-property rights for COVID-19 vaccines. Members of the World Trade Organization are currently discussing a... read more

Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic senators demand to know how US pharmaceutical companies plan to share vaccine technology as COVID-19...

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Summary List PlacementIn the next few weeks, more than half of Americans will have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. In much of the developing world, if current trends hold, people will be lucky to get a shot by 2022 — all... read more

The best checked luggage in 2021

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Table of Contents: Masthead StickySummary List Placement Having a great checked suitcase can be the difference between an amazing trip and a bad one. Checked luggage needs to be easy to pack, durable, lightweight, and hold a good amount of... read more

These Are The Risks Of Catching Covid At Work

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Every Monday, we’ll answer your questions on Covid-19 and health in a feature published online. You can submit a question here. HuffPost UK reader James asked: “How safe is it to go to work?” You’re more likely to get Covid if you’re going to a... read more

Coronavirus live news: WHO warns of risk of new wave in Africa; India cases rise by world record 414,188

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UK no-quarantine travel list to be announced; India deaths rise by 3,915; delayed vaccine supplies, a slow rollout and new variants risk new wave in Africa New concerns as Indian Covid variant clusters found across England EU wants to mass... read more

Covid Vaccine: What The EU Row With AstraZeneca Means For The UK

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A row between the EU and coronavirus vaccine manufacturer AstraZeneca has  prompted fears supplies could be disrupted within the bloc, as well as to the UK. The European Commission has threatened to impose tight controls on the export of... read more