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Planes, cars, diets and homes: How can the government enlist the public in its net zero mission?

As public debates about the type and scale of lifestyle change required to deliver a more sustainable economy rage, the Tony Blair Institute provides government with a list of priorities The debate around net zero behaviour change is heating up. Recent months have seen COP26 spokesperson Allegra Stratton... go to Article >

The Net Zero Strategy: The Reaction

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BusinessGreen rounds up the best of the reaction from the low carbon economy to the government's flagship roadmap for achieving net zero emissions by 2050 The Net Zero Strategy has been published, and the response is... read more

Net Zero Strategy: Government unveils historic plan to make UK 'fighting fit' for the global green industrial revolution

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Boris Johnson declares 'our strategy sets the example for other countries to build back greener too as we lead the charge towards global net zero' The government has today published a landmark Net Zero Strategy, detailing... read more

Government poised to deliver Net Zero Strategy, but will it be bold enough?

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Reports suggest nuclear and heat pumps are set for a key role, but row between Treasury and Number 10 over cost of climate agenda threatens to undermine impact of long-awaited plans The government is expected to publish... read more

Reports: Government to set new target to deliver zero emission grid by 2035

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The Times reports Boris Johnson will use his conference speech this week to confirm a new target to ensure all power comes from clean sources by 2035 Boris Johnson is expected to use his Conservative Party Conference... read more

'The system is interconnected': How halving UK energy demand could slash the costs of net zero

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As the gas price crisis escalates, a comprehensive new study underscores need for 'changes in the way we live, move, and consume' to cut energy demand in pursuit of net zero The UK can more than halve its energy demand by... read more

Clean heating, carbon storage, and direct air capture: How Iceland could carve out a net zero economy for the world to follow

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Half an hour's drive from Reykjavik, several racks of giant fans are erected on billboard-sized metal blocks, primed and ready to suck carbon dioxide from the cold Icelandic air. The unusual-looking contraption is a... read more

COP26 in danger of becoming 'greenwash' summit, Labour warns

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Ed Miliband tells Prime Minister to 'get off sun lounger and start being a statesman' or COP26 will fail Boris Johnson will today be told to "get off the sun lounger and start being a statesman", as Labour's Shadow... read more

London Stansted CEO's speech to Uttlesford District Council Planning Committee

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Ken O’Toole, Chief Executive at Stansted Airport Good morning everybody. I am Ken O’Toole, Chief Executive at Stansted Airport. I will be joined in this speaking session by John Twigg, my Planning Director, who will cover some of the technical... read more

'The Climate Consensus': Study reveals widespread public support for ambitious climate policies

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Major polling exercise reveals climate policies that are popular with public would deliver on the government's goal of cutting emissions by 39 per cent by 2030 on 2019 levels A major study of public attitudes on the best... read more

Sorting the trolls from the polls: What does Britain really think about net zero?

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Polls consistently show significant public concern over the climate crisis and a strong desire for action, but are the right questions being asked? If climate change is - among many, many other struggles - a battle for... read more