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Plug-in car grant: a complete guide

The PiCG has been extended until 2022/23 but is now less than it was before go to Article >

How company car fleets can switch from fossil fuels to EVs

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As electricity becomes an increasingly large part of the fuel mix, how can fleet managers keep control of costs? The era of two fuels is over. Diesel is waning as renewed low-CO2 tax incentives push company car drivers to swap pumps for charge... read more

How to make the most out of your PHEV company car

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Generous incentives have made plug-in hybrids popular with company car drivers – but how do you avoid the potential drawbacks? The transition to electric cars is happening in stages, and there are good reasons not to overlook the halfway... read more

Petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric: which company car is right for you?

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Company car drivers have never had more choice when it comes to drivetrain options. Here we look at the advantages and disadvantages of each Diesel Fleets were at the forefront of the ‘dash for diesel’ in the early 2000s, as drivers jumped at... read more

Which is best: Company car or car allowance?

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There are several ways that your employer can help get you behind the wheel of a new car – and each has its own pros and cons If your job involves a lot of driving, then it might include a car to help you get around. As the name suggests, a... read more

Company car tax: how to keep your bill low

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Image: Getty Carefully speccing your company car can make a big difference to your Benefit-in-Kind bill – here’s how to keep your costs down What are the best ways to save on company car tax? We take a closer look. It pays to plug in Tax... read more

AppAdvice’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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The holiday shopping season is here, and we’re highlighting some great accessory ideas for any Apple fan in your life. ZOELO Satellite Communicator While Apple is reportedly planning on adding satellite communication features to future iPhone... read more

Why Honda is leaving F1 again

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After years of struggle, Honda is tasting success in Formula 1 – yet once more it has decided to walk away from the front. We ponder why Since Formula 1’s V6 turbo hybrid era began in 2014, Mercedes-AMG has dominated the sport. It has been a... read more

Dun Dunbar Castle & ALL the Locations where 'A Castle for Christmas' was filmed

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Posted by Ra Moon A Castle for Christmas was primarily filmed in and around Edinburgh in Scotland. The fictional Dun Dunbar Castle is actually made up of two different locations.The movie stars Brooke Shields as award-winning author Sophie Brown,... read more

Where was The Power of the Dog filmed? All the Locations in Beech & Herndon, Montana

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Posted by Ra Moon The Power of the Dog was entirely filmed in New Zealand, although the movie is set in the open spaces of rural Montana in 1925. Most of the shoots on location took place in the plains and spectacular mountains in Central Otago... read more

The Complete Guide To Buying Wholesale Product Online At KameyMall

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Kameymall is pleased to announce the launch of its online store, featuring wholesale and retail products as one e-commerce platform. Chenjia Trading Co., Ltd. has created this platform directly from all Chinese products connecting consumers with... read more