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Price and provenance: Does the UK have an appetite for eco-labels on food?

Business interest in plant-based food is growing, but many consumers are still in the dark over the environmental sustainability of their eating habits There can be little doubt diets are steadily changing in the UK. Whether driven by animal welfare, health, or environmental concerns - or a combination of all... go to Article >

Tory MP Christian Wakeford Defects To Labour Amid Partygate Mutiny

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A Conservative MP has defected to the Labour Party amid fury over Boris Johnson’s partygate scandal. Christian Wakeford - a “red wall” MP elected in 2019 - has crossed the floor to join Keir Starmer’s party.  It comes after the MP for Bury South... read more

Food companies must increase the accessibility and affordability of greener, healthier choices

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For consumers, choosing to purchase healthier, more sustainable foods often comes with a price inflation, explains Sharon Bligh, from the Consumer Goods Forum The Global Nutrition Report published earlier this month... read more

The Nutribullet food processor will become your new favorite sous-chef

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Most people will say that a blender is an absolute kitchen essential, but won't think twice about buying a food processor unless they're a real cooking fanatic. The reality is that oftentimes food processors are more versatile than their blender... read more

Optimise, decarbonise, educate: How should businesses respond to the gas price crisis?

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BusinessGreen offers a five point guide for how progressive companies can shield themselves from volatile energy markets while still moving closer to their net zero goals In October, the boss of frozen food chain Iceland,... read more


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Walking Britain's B Roads: the B119Roman Road[Tower Hamlets] [1.3 miles]The B119 runs parallel to the B118, never more than 400m away, and starts and finishes on exactly the same roads. Roman Road is utterly different in character, a broadly... read more

The Best Supermarket Mince Pies For 2021 (Yes, We Tried A Lot)

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Nothing says Christmas like a good mince pie, scoffed at lunchtime with a cup of tea, or gently warmed in the oven for pudding with a dollop of cream.  But with so many options on the high street, it can be tricky to know which ones to choose... read more

Pea Protein Is Causing A Mighty Problem For People With Allergies

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Nicola Williams first noticed there was a problem when her 12-year-old son Henry started vomiting. Before he was two, Henry was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, but his diet had been well managed for almost a decade. Suddenly, something... read more

'A positive step': Government eyes further bans on range of single-use plastic items

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Single-use plastic plates, cutlery, expanded and extruded polystyrene cups, food, and beverage containers set for ban in latest government proposals, but campaigners urge Ministers to further strengthen recycling and re-use policies... read more

Rishi Sunak mobbed at pub by merry drinkers after slashing booze prices

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The Chancellor gave alcohol duty the biggest shake up in 140 years in a historic budget speech on Wednesday (Picture: Getty) Rishi Sunak was mobbed at the pub hours after he cut the price of booze in a £150bn spending frenzy. The teetotal... read more

From turkey to festive fizz: how will shortages affect UK Christmas dinner?

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The supply chain crisis will have an impact on what people have for their meal this year – and the cost After last Christmas was so badly affected by Covid, there is huge anticipation around next month’s festivities. But Britain’s supply chain... read more