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Queen's Speech: What is - and isn't - on the government's green agenda for the year ahead?

The war in Ukraine, cost of living crisis, and imminent local elections all underscore the need to accelerate the net zero transition - but fresh Treasury support for decarbonisation efforts appears unlikely It's coming up to that time of year again when, amid much pomp and ceremony, the Queen enters the Palace... go to Article >

The UK need a serious gear change on home decarbonisation to reach its climate targets

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Everyone should worry when the UK’s climate advisors warn government policy on the country’s second largest source of emissions isn’t working, writes UKGBC’s Louise Hutchins In what are perhaps the most important five years... read more

Is This The Summer Of Discontent? All The Industries Thinking About Strike Action

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Protesting industriesThe rail strikes briefly brought the country to a halt last week as employees rowed with their employers over their contracts – and it seems this has set other industries in motion all over the country.As the cost of living... read more

London Climate Action Week: Can the capital turbocharge the UK's net zero transition?

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At the kick off event for London Climate Action Week, BusinessGreen spoke to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and event founder Nick Mabey about how regions and cities can drive climate action despite a turbulent political backdrop... read more

6 Things People Leave Behind At Festivals (And Really, Really Shouldn't)

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Festival-goers help in cleaning up the venue at the end of Glastonbury, on June 27, 2022. Glastonbury is over, but the big cleanup has just begun. Collecting waste abandoned by festival-goers has taken between four and six weeks in previous... read more

Sheryl Sandberg isn’t the first woman to realise that work in your 50s is no walk in the park | Gaby Hinsliff

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Reaching 50 brings with it all kinds of unforeseen hurdles. No wonder so many women who can afford to are quitting altogetherSheryl Sandberg is leaning out. The queen of “can do” American feminism is quitting Meta (formerly Facebook) after 14... read more

So, Where In The UK Could Eurovision 2023 Be Held – And How Much Would It Cost?

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The UK's Sam Ryder finished second in this year's EurovisionEurovision could be on its way back to the UK, following the organisers’ decision that reigning champion Ukraine is sadly unable to host due to the ongoing Russian invasion of the... read more

The UK's Controversial Rwanda Asylum Plan Explained As Legal Challenge Fails

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Home secretary Priti Patel and Rwandan minister for foreign affairs and international co-operation, Vincent Biruta, sign a memorandum of understanding.A widely-criticised plans to fly migrants who cross the English Channel in small boats more than... read more

Ed Miliband: 'Green is not just the ethical choice, it is the economic choice'

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Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary hails the social and economic virtues of the net zero transition at last night's BusinessGreen Leaders Awards Ed Miliband last night promised that a Labour government would provide... read more

This Play About Grenfell Underlines The Problems With Social Housing

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It’s been five years since the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, the most devastating residential fire in Britain since World War II. People all over the UK watched in horror as the tower block was engulfed in flames, killing 72 people. The names of... read more

'Baffling, Unworkable And Dangerous': Experts React To Boris Johnson's Housing Plans

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Boris Johnson's speech in Blackpool has been seen as an attempt by the prime minister to move on from the vote of no confidence held on his leadership.Boris Johnson has just announced a raft of eye-catching housing measures designed to reset his... read more