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Rights group calls for more pressure on Nicaragua government

An international human rights organization is calling for increased pressure on Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega as arrests of political opposition figures continue ahead of Nov. 7 elections go to Article >

PCS leadership forces continued reductive pensions strategy on Annual Delegate Conference

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Last week, I was in Brighton as a delegate to the PCS Annual Delegate Conference. There are, in such an event, many subjects covered and many debates had. But the centre-piece of Conference - the debate on the pensions dispute, and what actually... read more

Ransomware attacks are a legal minefield for execs. Here's how they can prepare, according to a lawyer who advises hacked companies

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Summary List PlacementRansomware attacks — which typically force firms to shutdown their computer systems, grinding business to a halt — are a nightmare situation for companies. And for executives, dealing with ransomware attacks can also... read more

Biden's bet on the future of cars centers on a battery arms race against China

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Summary List Placement"The American auto industry is at a crossroads, and the real question is whether we'll lead or fall behind in the race to the future," President Joe Biden said of the country's pivot toward electric vehicles. How quickly... read more

'Shady ships': Why 'net zero' retailers should lead the push for greener shipping practices

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Analysis of the shipping impact of major US retailers finds 15 companies are responsible for as much sulphur oxide, nitrous oxide, and particulate matter pollution as tens of millions of vehicles International shipping is... read more

White House officials tell civil rights leaders they can 'out-organize voter suppression' as voting rights bills stall: report

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Summary List PlacementWhite House officials have told voting rights groups and civil rights leaders that they believe it's possible to "out-organize voter suppression," sources familiar with the conversations told the New York Times. The... read more

US sanctions Cuban security chief and special forces over crackdown on protests

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Biden moves to pressure government over alleged human rights abuses amid biggest demonstrations in decades The US has imposed sanctions on a Cuban security minister and an interior ministry special forces unit for alleged human rights abuses in a... read more

The real-estate industry braces for potential paralysis after a ransomware attack downed a major cloud provider for title companies

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Summary List PlacementA ransomware hack has hit a key part of the red-hot residential real estate market, which could impede transactions including the buying and selling of homes. Cloudstar, a cloud-hosting service used by many title... read more

How are companies worldwide faring on climate risk disclosure?

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As climate impacts batter the world's leading economies, EY's third annual climate risk disclosure report assesses how 1,100 firms from 42 countries are faring with TCFD guidelines From floods in Germany to killer... read more

Jefferies CEO Richard Handler dishes on M&A outlook, talent wars, and the book every young banker should read right now

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Summary List PlacementRichard Handler has had a busy year. He helms Jefferies Financial Group, which recently turned in record second-quarter results. Under Handler's leadership, the firm's investment-banking revenue has grown from $91 million... read more

How to apply for an income-driven repayment plan if your student loans are crushing you

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Table of Contents: Masthead StickySummary List PlacementMany Americans are still feeling financial pressure as the US rebounds from the devastating economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, and that's especially true for anyone in the midst... read more