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Russia Is Being Blamed For The Global Food Crisis. Here's Why

Russia's UN ambassador stormed out of a meeting after accusations from Charles MichelRussia refused to admit it has contributed to the global food crisis through its invasion of Ukraine during a tense UN meeting on Monday – but much of the international community thinks otherwise.As European Council president Charles Michel pointed... go to Article >

A Guide To The Confusing Language Describing The UK's Financial Markets Meltdown

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The language of economics and the financial system can be confusing for those not steeped in the world of pensions, gilts and bear markets. But there’s been a lot of around, as the Conservative Party’s mini-budget spooked the markets, causing a... read more

Net Zero Review: Chris Skidmore promises 'no rowing back' on net zero strategy as call for evidence launched

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Conservative MP insists his review of UK’s net zero agenda is fully independent and that now is 'not a time to recoil from our climate commitments' Chris Skidmore has promised there will be "no rowing back" on the UK's Net... read more

Liz Truss Doubles Down And Insists The Government Has 'The Right Plan' For The Economy

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Liz Truss has insisted the government had to take “urgent action to get the economy growing” as she doubled down on the controversial mini-budget.Last Friday’s fiscal event - which unveiled plans for massive unfunded tax cuts - has led to the... read more

The ‘Black Tax’ Is Bulldozing Our Finances

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You’re reading Gen:Blxck, a series exploring Black culture, history, family and identity through the generations.If you’ve done so much as glimpse at a news broadcast recently, you’ll know that any attempts to avoid talk of the cost of living... read more

Liz Truss Versus The Trade Unions: The Next Front In The Culture Wars?

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Liz Truss vowed to take a "tough line on trade union action that is not helping people get on in life".Much has been made of Liz Truss’s attempts to emulate her icon, Margaret Thatcher, in her quest to become Tory leader and prime minister.While... read more

Why Are Our Energy Bills Skyrocketing?

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Rising energy bills have households across the country fearing for the winter.Many will be pushed into fuel poverty, forced to choose between heating and eating, while inflation could soar from its current high of 10.1% to over 18%, according to... read more

'I don't see us slipping back': Paul Polman on COP27, the energy crisis, and why net zero is winning the argument

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Former Unilever CEO and leading green business campaigner talks to BusinessGreen about the huge challenges facing corporate climate efforts "I help politicians, and I have a lot of time for them, but I'm a little bit of a... read more

From net zero factions to sewage spills: 10 green questions for the new Prime Minister

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Liz Truss may have been confirmed as the next Prime Minister, but her approach to the big energy and environmental issues facing the UK remains remarkably opaque The Conservative Party's summer-long leadership race has... read more

£20 Pints Probably Won't Ever Actually Happen. Here's Why.

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Inflation rates mean people are expecting everyday items – from pints to groceries – to reach unaffordable prices soon, if they haven’t already.With inflation at 10.1% and rising (potentially to more than 18% come January), the cost of living... read more

IEA World Energy Jobs Outlook: Five key green takeaways

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The IEA has released its first ever evaluation of global energy employment both today and in the future - BusinessGreen takes a deep dive Today the International Energy Agency (IEA) has produced what it is said to be the... read more