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Skimpflation: Everything You Need To Know About Inflation's Terrible Offspring

At this point, finding anything which hasn’t been touched by inflation and the cost of living crisis is a hard task.With inflation at a 40-year high of 9.1%, and expected to only keep rising until the autumn, it’s not exactly surprising.But it’s not just about getting less bang for your buck as there’s now a new term on the scene –... go to Article >

It's A Level Results Day But Students Are Rethinking Their University Plans

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To say the class of 2022 have had it tough is an understatement. Today’s school leavers received their GSCEs in the dark pandemic days of 2020 and now, they’re opening their A Level results in the midst of a cost of living crisis. Household bills... read more

'Complete Devastation': This Is The Real-Time Impact Of Nursery Closures

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For many parents, there’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than trusting a complete stranger to care for your child when you return to work.It’s a huge leap of faith. And when parents do find that safe space – whether a nursery, childminder or nanny... read more

Ukraine Grain Deal: Why One Image Is Sparking 'Relief' All Over The World

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A ship carrying Ukrainian exports left the country for the first time since the war began on Monday.The sight, which was a common occurrence before Russia invaded back in February, has sparked hope there could be an end in sight for the food... read more

Your Birth Plan Is Likely To Change, So Why Bother Writing One?

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Talking to your providers about your preferences for birth can help strengthen your relationship with them.When preparing for the birth of her third baby, Grace Greene of Jackson, Mississippi, had every reason to believe her planned home birth... read more

5 Signs Your Boss Is Deeply Insecure

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Insecure bosses have a strong need to control their teams in order to feel powerful.An insecure boss is one of the most difficult to deal with.“Employees usually expect their boss to be authoritative and confident, someone they can look up to. But... read more

Rail Strikes: Everything You Need To Know About The Biggest Walkout For 33 Years

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Rail strikes are set to take place across the UK on June 21, 23 and 25The largest rail strike in more than three decades is set to take place this June, as industrial action has threatened to “shut down the country’s railway network”.With 13... read more

Minister Claims It's Not Government Who Need To Act To Prevent Rail Strikes

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Simon Clarke speaking to Sky News on Monday morningSimon Clarke dodged calls for the government to take a more active role in the negotiations between striking unions and railway companies on Monday.The chief secretary to the Treasury was speaking... read more

Railway Strikes: How Long Will The Walkout Actually Last?

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Railway strikes are set to rock the country this weekRailway strikes are set to bring the country to a standstill this week, but could actually affect the UK for much longer if unions decide to extend their protest.A dispute between railway unions... read more

Why Rail Workers Are Striking: 'We Either Fight Or We Give In'

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A passenger at Waterloo Station hours before the UK's rail network is shut down.The rail strikes happening this week – the biggest in three decades – are likely to affect nearly all of us in some way. Network Rail workers across the UK are... read more

Unions Making A 'Huge Mistake' By Pressing Ahead With 'Disastrous' Strikes, Says Shapps

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Grant Shapps accused the unions of “gunning for this strike throughout”.Unions have been warned they are making a “huge mistake” by opting for strike action next week that threatens to bring the country to a standstill.The RMT union confirmed that... read more