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So, Where In The UK Could Eurovision 2023 Be Held – And How Much Would It Cost?

The UK's Sam Ryder finished second in this year's EurovisionEurovision could be on its way back to the UK, following the organisers’ decision that reigning champion Ukraine is sadly unable to host due to the ongoing Russian invasion of the country. While it is clearly a situation no one had hoped for, there has been a respectful... go to Article >

How serious are the supply chain issues buffeting the offshore wind sector?

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The rate of clean energy additions has grown every year for a decade - but are the rising energy, labour, and raw material costs straining wind energy supply chains set to put an end to this trend? The International Energy... read more

How the government's Landscape Recovery scheme could deliver major returns for farmers and the climate

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Green Alliance report argues nature-and climate-positive farming reforms could offer significant financial returns to cash-strapped farmers The government's landscape-scale habitat protection subsidy programme could offer... read more

'Complete Devastation': This Is The Real-Time Impact Of Nursery Closures

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For many parents, there’s nothing more anxiety-inducing than trusting a complete stranger to care for your child when you return to work.It’s a huge leap of faith. And when parents do find that safe space – whether a nursery, childminder or nanny... read more

Can green Tories push the next PM to offer more support for insulation and heat pumps?

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Conservative Environment Network calls for expansion of schemes for energy efficiency and heat pumps, alongside longer-term clarity to encourage green investment A group of green Tories have set out a £9bn winter bills... read more

For Parents, It's A Summer Of Hardship And Impossible Choices

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Sally Worrall and her family.We’re at the half way point of the UK summer holidays, a time that is always testing to parents’ patience and bank balances. But when it comes to keeping children happy and occupied amid the escalating cost of living... read more

How Europe Is Shielding People From Soaring Energy Bills As UK Waits For New Leader

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15 July 2022, Hessen, Frankfurt/Main: The controller for temperature setting on a gas boiler for heating and hot water in a household. Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa (Photo by Frank Rumpenhorst/picture alliance via Getty Images)All across Europe,... read more

As Energy Prices Are Set To Soar To £4,000, What Are Politicians Proposing To Do About It?

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The energy price cap, which currently stands at £1,971, is set to increase to £3,582 in October and again to £4,000 in January.Last week saw the grimmest development yet for people struggling with the cost of living crisis, with experts predicting... read more

It's A Level Results Day But Students Are Rethinking Their University Plans

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To say the class of 2022 have had it tough is an understatement. Today’s school leavers received their GSCEs in the dark pandemic days of 2020 and now, they’re opening their A Level results in the midst of a cost of living crisis. Household bills... read more

Cultured meat can help deliver a more sustainable future - but a significant mindset shift is needed

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The expansion of the 'lab-grown' meat industry promises to slash emissions, free up land for trees and regenerative agriculture, and tackle food insecurity, writes Meatable's Krijn De Nood The world is growing and so is our... read more

Are modular homes are making a comeback?

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And how can prefab homes get us closer to circularity? Let's have a short discussion on mobile, manufactured and modular homes. Exciting, amiright? All three of these home types have a bad rap based on the (generally)... read more