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Sorting the trolls from the polls: What does Britain really think about net zero?

Polls consistently show significant public concern over the climate crisis and a strong desire for action, but are the right questions being asked? If climate change is - among many, many other struggles - a battle for hearts and minds, then it is one that has in recent years seen momentum finally turning in a... go to Article >

'On the winning camp': The business guide to COP26 and why it matters

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To kick off BusinessGreen's new COP26 Hub, Alister Doyle provides an insiders' guide on everything business leaders should know about this autumn's 'Summit to save the world' In 1992, US President George H. W. Bush joined... read more

Stop Cambo: Meet The Climate Activists Trying To Block Scotland's New Oilfield

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From washing out the yoghurt pots to carefully separating out the paper recycling from the plastic, we’re all doing our bit to try and fight climate change. But we also know that tackling the climate crisis doesn’t stop with us – large global... read more

'Affordable choice': Government fires up plan to drive down cost of clean heat

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Heat and Buildings Strategy promises to phase out traditional gas boilers, but critics argue plans remain badly under-funded The government has this evening announced long-awaited plans to drive down emissions from... read more

Public engagement: The missing link to a net zero world?

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Net Zero Festival: Author Kim Stanley Robinson and experts from BritainThinks, Hubbub and Lancaster University debate the challenge and opportunity of securing public support for climate action "Call it a fuel crisis and... read more

'Indispensible': Can the carbon offset market bolster its credibility?

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Ahead of tomorrow's Net Zero Festival, Toby Hill explores how carbon offset standards are evolving in a bid to assure clients and campaigners that promised carbon savings can be delivered To find out more about the role... read more

Andy Burnham Interview: Boris Johnson Is Giving The Public False Hope

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Andy Burnham has denied he undermined Keir Starmer at Labour party conference, saying he instead brought “energy” and “value” to the gathering in Brighton. The Greater Manchester mayor had been criticised by unnamed shadow cabinet members in the... read more

Skoda Octavia vRS 2021 long-term review

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Does the Octavia remain an excellent affordable family car in its new generation? Why we ran it: To discover whether this fourth- generation best-seller continues to impress as the left-field family car Month 8 - Month 7 - Month 6 - Month 5... read more

Decade of delivery: How can businesses help keep 1.5C alive at COP26?

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The latest report from the Energy Transitions Commission has set out a roadmap for how the world can move on to a 1.5C warming trajectory over the course of the coming decade It is hard to fault the UN for naming the... read more

Paul Polman on his new book and 'courageous companies'

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Joel Makower talks to the former Unilever boss about his new book, 'Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More Than They Take' An icon of sustainable business has a new book. Paul Polman, former CEO of... read more

COP26 in danger of becoming 'greenwash' summit, Labour warns

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Ed Miliband tells Prime Minister to 'get off sun lounger and start being a statesman' or COP26 will fail Boris Johnson will today be told to "get off the sun lounger and start being a statesman", as Labour's Shadow... read more